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SIC Type for SWA

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Well-known member
Mar 25, 2003
I am sure someone else has probably already asked this, but I didn't see it. Does the SIC type that will soon be required for flying outside of the U.S. meet the criteria for a 737 type with SWA. Just wondering if peole that are already fo's on the 737 will be applying like mad to SWA after they get that type. I am guessing it does not meet the criteria, since it is nothing more than paperwork to get it, but curious none the less.
I'm not familiar with this new version of a 737 SIC type but I would strongly believe that without going through a full FAA approved 737 type school & then having printed on your license that you have a 737 type, one won't be considered at having a 737 type from SWA's standpoint. Calling the PD would be prudent since this is board has lots of experts but sometimes questionable guidance (much from me) so don't take anything said on here as gospel. Good luck, regardless of whether you have the SIC or PIC type. Thanks for your interest in SWA.
yea its a "type" but kind of like an Associate's degree is a college "degree". its definitely a rung on the food chain but not the level asked.
If you have an ATP PIC type without a "Comm SIC only restriction", you do not need a Comm SIC only type. This is an administrative paperwork drill to comply with ICAO.
You MUST have a US type certificate. The ICAO variety will not cut it.

I think it's splitting hairs personally, but that's the way it goes.
SWA guy is correct, in my post I was refering only to FAA issued certificate

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