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Shuttle Americans

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Speed Turd

Active member
Aug 26, 2005
What is going on right now with the union integration? When are you guys going to be on the master seniority list of the 747?
EMB170Pilot said:
Meeting with the arbitrator is coming up within 30 days I believe. Hurricane Katrina delayed the meeting.

Will know soon.........

Hurricane Katrina had absolutely nothing to do with the delaying of the arbitration.. lets not go there!
Anyway, Everything will be decided on by mid October. Nice to see that people are being so professional about all this ("get out the stapler").
Bush delayed the arbitration.


Get a clue operating out of ORD. ORD Tower: Shuttlecraft 1234 are you in the turn to 090?...... SC:duh.......yep were turning or something. ORD Tower: Are you in a half bank turn, or do you have the autopilot on? SC: uhhh.........no were turning to 090. WHEN THE TOWER SAYS TO TURN DO IT, but not at 1000 agl.
Oh well it's good intertainment on ORD gnd and tower with the nubies.LOL
If it's ORD it's "New New Shuttle", as in 170 drivers who've never flown Saabs at Shuttle (those are "New Shuttle" pilots, the ones who never flew the Dash at Shuttle; "Old Shuttle" are the ones who flew the Dash).

This thread is about the New Shuttle people and Old Shuttle people only... Let's keep it straight. :)
Wow, Sure is nice to finally be getting some name recognition in this screwed up industry. For the last 7 years its been "Shuttle who?!?!" and now people actually know who we are, or is it just because they want to fly shiny new jets, "SJS" as someone put it.

Don't worry if you are SA or CHQ, talk to your MEC and they will fill you in on the latest LOA's and arbitration info. If you are an outsider looking in for a job, be assured that Rep/SA/Chq will continue to hire many pilots in the coming years no mater what the outcome of arbitration is. Otherwise, stay tuned for an arbitrator judge's ruling soon. It will be soooo nice to have this all over with and be able to get on with things!

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