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Shuttle America

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What was the date on Your letter My son got the exact same letter dated Dec 05 he too worked for Airways.........Hummm!
so you're good enough for a major but not good enough for those bottom feeders! I would be proud of that!!
From what i hear form people who have been to class up there, things are really a mess up there............so invaribly they may have done you a favour.
Cheer's now!
GH Buck:cool:
Be careful who you call "bottom feeder." I'm a pilot for a regional airline, but I don't work for a bottom feeder.
Hey all

Don't know if this is true or not, but I hear that Shuttle America is having problems getting the 340s on property, and that Airways may not be giving them the routes that they originally thought they were getting..

Could be that they overhired and this is their way to fix the problem...
I think your statement is 100 percent correct. Seems that Shuttle America is biting thier nails cause of the fact that the other three wholly owned are getting bokoo more airplanes.

No fact to this statement, only what I heard in the crew room in PHL one day.

Mike, hope things work out for ya.
328, blow the horn as you pass over the Pottstown VOR.

Wish I was up there...
2 Saab's are there. Proving started on Thursday, continuing through weekend. Slowly but surely the wheels are moving.

Do you work for Shuttle America? If so, I'd like to pick your brain a little bit... Just got the call for an interview.
I got a letter a couple months ago and called to schedule the interview.I have about 1000 PIC in the SAAB and about 2000 total in the SAAB.I also worked for an airline that took taking advantage of its employees to a new level. But when I got that lady at shuttle america on the phone she was back pedaling.
The only straight answer I got from her was that they would not fly me to the interview. I decided that was enough. I dont want to work for an airline thats going to jerk me around from day one.
Just becouse times are tough dont jump at the first guy who wants to put you in an aircraft just becouse they the ones hiring.Dont lower your standards becouse of this 911 dive in the industry.Take this time to re-up. Take a look at the situation and make a plan.Just like an emergency in the cockpit.
The regionals dont set the life styles and the pay scales we do.
Dont except those rediculous offers and we will all benifit.
Besides I dont know about you but I cant afford to work for that low of an income. Niether can my self worth.
Keep the faith
We will all be back to flying soon