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Well-known member
Mar 27, 2002
What uniform shoes do y'all like? I haven't found any that are really comfortable and durable yet.

I've been abusing a pair of $90 Rockports for about 2 years now at work and at play. Haven't worn 'em out yet. They are waterproof, extremely comfortable, sturdy and semi-stylish.
DR. MARTEN'S.... Black without the yellow thread... aprox 125.00.

You could run in these shoes and not be sore, the next morning.
Dr. Marten's are real good. I also have a pair of ECCO's that are great. About $125 - $140 a pair but almost impossible to wear out and VERY comfortable.
I second the ropers. Got a pair of Justin's for Christmas and I'll never go back. The only negative thing is that they set off the metal detectors. If you look around, I've seen them for as little as $49.99. Can't beat it.
Doc Marten's hands down. I have had 2 pairs over the last 6 years and highly recommend them. The soles are oil, fuel and de-icing fluid proof. Its takes a trip or 2 to break them in but you will swear you are wearing your favorite slippers. I inked out the yellow string with a permanent marker or you can find them with black string also.

P.S. Roopers? Do you wear Wranglers and a nice Garth Brooks shirt too? :D
Justin's are my way as well.... rubber soled... don't set off the medal detector and they don't wear out wading in deice fluid.
I am very into comfortable shoes (I will spare no expense) and after trying several brands, I came across a brand called Mephisto (made in France). Nordsrom sells them and so do they in their independent stores. They are legendary in comfort and the choice of the "upper crust" for casual shoes, but they also make a decent work/dress shoe and the pair I have had for over a year now set me back $320 but with 100% goodyear welt sole and top quality construction (rare these days) they still look like new. Also, when the sole wears out, they will recondition the whole shoe and re-sole it for $70 at their Ontario, CA location. Just mail them in.

Next time you are at a Nordsrom, go in and try a pair on, you'll be amazed.

They also have a great low key look for the most conservative uniform regulations.

Go with the Rockports. Light and comfortable like a running
shoe, lasts like a combat boot, and in any dress style you wish.

Incredible shoes!

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