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Sheble Aviation?

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Well-known member
Jun 12, 2005
Does anybody know anything about Sheble flight training? i have been told they are a decent school and they can get me done quick...i currently have my Canadian comm,muli,ifr and i am looking to convert...they quoted me 12 days will be all it takes...seems short to me...but im not really sure of what i need to do yet...also i am unsure of all of the parts of the FAR's like pt91,121,135 etc would i be able to learn this decently enough in 12 days or is there some sort of study material that will teach me about these parts of the FAR's and the suttle diffrences in how the industry is run in the diffrent countries (glemmins maybe?)...any imput will be helpful...thanks!

P.s anymore license converters out there that can help me? (thanks to the ones who have already given some advice)
Had a buddy that worked there about ten years ago. He had no complaints, well, none out of the ordinary anyhow. He spent about a year instructing there I think.

Sorry it is old info, but at least back then I think they were pretty good according to him.
regarding needing to learn the FAR's, you're in canada, eh?

since you're going to have to buy it why not order the FAR/AIM from ASA and start studying now?
Waz planning to go there for my CFII and ME tickets... heard mixed reviews on the place. Some CFIs were good, others were timebuilders who would ()*& their own mothers to get ahead in the biz. You find that every place, I expect. Didn't go to school because when I was at a convention I ran into a guy who bragged that when he went for his MES ticket the examiner got in the airplane with him, ordered him to start it us and taxi wawy from the dock. He did, then the De said go back. he's all freaked that he failed and the DE says, "The regs just say I have to be in the airplane with you. Gimme your logbook, you passed." and signed him off. Don't know if the guy telling the tale was telling the truth or trying to impress me or what, but stories like that make me leery. If they pencil whip check rides it's gonna come back to bite you...
Yea im a Canadian EH! But dual with the United States because my family was born and still is American. As for passing the licenses easy i dont really mind because all i need is the paper that says im good to fly commercially in the US...because i have been training in Canada for years now (in and out of US airspace)..the only thing im unfamiliar with is the FAR's...all of the airregs seem to be very similar if not exactly the same as Canada...But yea i guess i Can go through the FAR's myself because i would like to be very familiar with the suttle diffrences and the regulations when flying under diffrent parts of the FAR's....im gonna have allot of airregs in my head...the CAR's and FAR's all stored in my head :rolleyes: ....anyhow thanks for your help!
I went there for my CFI ride in April. The place will get you done. Planes are sh!t. CFI's know there stuff (well the one I had, Eric). The only bad thing I would say is they are disorganised. But I have heard alot worse.
I did my CFII there...old aircraft, but other than that, I was pleased with the checkride and results. Basically, they want you to pass the ride, as they do not make any money spending time retraining you.
PGCFI...do you work there as an instructor? or did you find work as an instructor after doing your ride there?


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