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Sen. Schumer calls FA a b!tch.

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If this surprises anyone, they haven't been paying attention. It's not the Party. It's the profession. Throw ALL the bums out if you really want things to change.
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Imagine that! A flight attendant asking one of our lawmakers to follow the regulations that people like himself put into law. How dare she! Doesn't she realize the laws are only for us, the unwashed public and the elite are exempt.
I'm surprised anyone is shocked with this .. Lawmakers almost always bypass security , and never think any rules apply to them . They are some of the rudest ( higher than thou ) people i have ever flown . That includes alot of hollywood elite that i have flown throughout the years
I guarantee you if all of the airlines could replace the battle hags with good looking young flight attendants (who can comfortably fit down the isle) these things would not happen.

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