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Security - Razors

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Active member
Jan 4, 2002
I haven't flown commercially since 9-11 and was wondering what the deal is. Can I take a razor for my Mach 3, packed in my checked luggage? How about in my carry-on? Also, what about shaving cream and such?
The people who know the security protocals are prohibited from sharing the information with others.

The list of approved items can change daily. Call the airline that you are traveling on and ask them. They will be able to answer this question.
My brother and I share this name, I am a student pilot, he is a furloughed CoEx FO. Just in case you may be wondering.

Maybe you guys should live it up a little and splurge for separate login names. They only cost $ 0.00
I flew on Air Midwest (USAirways regional) and Midwest Express, both out of KMCI, and didn't have a problem with either of them. Also went through security at KMKE without problem as well. I think the only type of razors that are strictly prohibited are straight razors, but like xrjpilot said, everyone might have a slightly different policy that is subject to change.

Oh, I had both a Mach 3 razor and shaving cream in my carry-on bag for all of these flights.
In your checked bag,no problem-it goes in the bin.Even in a carry-on,it should be no sweat.
Aside from what XJ pilot said, this is not confidential info. It is on the wall at nearly every checkpoint. "Safety razors" (gilette type) are allowed.

Why don't you get your own "handle" instead of sharing one? It's free.
I've asked that myself. Here is my best guess. Both MJEPilots are the same person. One is a furloughed CO-Ex pilot and the other is a student pilot. That way, he can speak with authority or ask really basic questions. I PM'ed him with what I thought was some really good and well-intentioned advice(before he split personalities) and got flamed by his evil younger brother.

He still hasn't told us how his Comair interview went on the 19th of Feb. We are anxious to hear - from EITHER of them.
maybe they're twins and just messing with us?!

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