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Secret to Alaska interview

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Nov 26, 2001
This truly happened and is not flame bait. Earlier this year I had a friend attend an all womens aviation conference and come away with an Alaska interview, he starts in Sept. Thats right, (HE). He said he was not the only male there but he definately stood out. In addition he did not have a silver bullet.
I thought this was just one of those bizarre things that only happen in this industry. I just heard from another friend who had a similar experience this last weekend. This person is as white as a soda cracker and he went to the Black Airline Pilots convention in Atlanta last weekend, he got called two days ago to interview next Wednsday. It is an awesome company and they are looking for people who really want to spend a career with them, I guess these two individuals stood out in the crowd of applicants.
Yeah Beaver, this is nothing new. We've been posting encouragement for male pilots to go to the women in aviation conference for this very reason. Do a search.
I have heard of people joining "minority" organizations, even if they were not "minority" members, just so they could put the organization down on their resume or app.

I don't know if what I heard was an interviewing "urban legend" or not. I give it about a 10% chance of being true, and about 50% chance of being sort of true then embellished.

In any case--imagine the look on the interviewers face when you show up with "Association of Black Airline pilots" or whatever on your app, and it is apparent you are NOT a minority member. When you say (as the urban legend has it) that "I really support the organization because I BELIEVE in their goals", the interviewer is likely going "this jerk is trying to play the minority card (since race is NOT on the app as far as I know) trying to get us to give him an interview. I personally think the ploy rather dishonest and likely to backfire, but it makes a good story.

On the other hand, IF you are interested in ANY organization, minority based or not, I think its a great way to make industry contacts and network. I've said before (and not trying to stir the mil/civ or minority issues) that the networking structure for military guys is a LARGE reason so many mil guys are successful at finding jobs--airline or otherwise. Anyone can use a few friends in this business...and any contacts with airline pilots in the business can't hurt. The local Navion or Comanche Society, the 99s, the local school board/PTA in a domicile city, little league parents groups, civic organizations, and airshows are all opportunities to meet sponsors and mentors. If I were 2-4 years out from trying to get on with a major, that is where I would start my search for help.

As always....just my 2 cents and I may be wrong.....
One does not need to be a female to join WIA, or to attend the conferences, or to apply for the scholarships. A male pilot attending a WIA conference appears to recruiters as a progressive individual willing to support flying endeavors of others. Get the picture? You won't look like an angry white male if you attend the conference and support women in the industry. Instead you'll be a minority, which will help you be noticed.
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Did you quit smoking today or something. Not everyone has been on this board since it started.

If someone brings up a helpfull hint to benifit others, I personally believe it should be commended not slammed for lack of currency.
Not meant to offend. I just find it incredible that someone could be so surprised that men would attend a women in aviation conference, or that white pilots would attend an OBAP conference. Aren't we in the year 2002?

My apologies if I offended.
Let me put it to you this way. I have a friend who happens to be black (I'm white). A year and a half ago he worked for a major that I wanted to work for. So I sent him my resume, thinking he would turn it into the CP office or something.

As it turns out, he gave it to the OBAP liason/point of contact for this company and gave me a recommendation. Bam, I had an interview in about 2 weeks. And I got the job, too, after interviewing and doing the sim like everyone else. I never asked OBAP to do this, and I never put it on my resume that I was affiliated with them.

So last August, as a show of my appreciation, I went to the OBAP job conference in MEM (and I planned on being there this year). They're a bunch of great guys and gals. They only want the best person to get the job. And as the liason told me, "We recommended you because we wanted to let them know that WE don't care what color you are, as long as you are qualified to do the job. That's the point."

Of course a month later disaster happened and it's all messed up now. But I have nothing but respect for OBAP.
Give me a break...........What if I started an orginization called. Association of White Pilots. Or Association of White Male Pilots. They say that the airlines only want the most qualified. Then how come that most women at my airline hired with the majors were still FO's. How come some majors give out type rating scholarship for women only? And finally where is my United Mentor? PC or not I don't care.

Flame away................
I understand what you are saying, although I disagree with it. That's how this industry works, like it or not. It's about connections. Furthermore I don't think there is a shortage of white males in this industry, and there ain't never gonna be one. I had 5000+ hours at the time and I was an RJ Captain for 2 years, so it wasn't like I was some newbie.

You might change your perspective when someone does something that creates a life-changing event for you.

What was I supposed to do, say,"Waaait a minute! I don't need you black dudes helping me out! I'm offended by that! Call those guys up and tell them I don't want to interview!"

I never asked anyone to do anything for me. They just did it.
Simon Says,

I'd like to know which major gives out scholarships to just women. The scholarships I'm familiar with (I attended the last two WIA conferences) are available to both men and women. Again, there is another thread on this very subject.

All scholarships offered by the Women in Aviation organization are available to both men and women. It was announced at the last conference that only a handful of men even applied for the scholarships, although one man did receive a scholarship.

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