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Second Job

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Clown Puncher
Feb 10, 2002
Throwing this out for some creative feedback.

A buddy of mine just found out that he'll probably get furloughed from AA sometime soon and has no idea what to do for work if in fact it happens.
That got me thinking, in this world of corporate aviation and todays stock market, I may be no more than a couple of bad quarterly reports away from a layoff myself.

Does anyone out there have a second job or know of an occupation that fits well with the typical short/no notice schedule in the corporate world?

Before you even suggest it, contract flying on scheduled days off is not a possibility. CP had it written into Op's manual that no one may fly for hire outside the company. (Don't know if thats legal, but not ready to fight that battle yet.)

Anyway, I'm open to nearly all suggestions.

Rice :cool:
2nd Job

WHen I wasnt flight instructing this summer, I ran a wrestling clinic for high school wrestlers in the area. The school I volunteer coach at during the season lets me use there facility. I have 3 sessions a week. Mon, Weds, Fri and they each last about 3 hours. I charge $10 per session and averaged 20 kids per session. All cash money. I wish I could do that all year long sometimes.
Try looking into a temp agency. I got my CFI a year ago and found myself without a flight instructing job. I found a temp agency here in Seattle. They give me first right of refusal on any assignment, and the assignments usually last 1-5 days. Made enough money to pay the bills, and had enough time off to continue searching for a CFI position, and I wasn't doing admin work. Might be worth looking into.
At a previous flying job I had, I would substitute teach at local middle and high schools. It was very convenient, as I could work or not as I chose. The pay wasn't great, but every little bit helps.
One of the best part-time jobs for a pilot is to fly for the Air National Guard. That is if you're not trying to start the job over age 30.

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