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Scale models.....

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
I'm sure you guys have seen those scale models of different jet aircraft. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a small (about 10-12" long or so) scale model of a Cessna Caravan. Is there a company that sells these over the internet?

Thanks, I'd appreciate any help!
GA aircraft are extremely hard to find. I'm looking for a diecast model of a 172.
Yeah, I saw that. Something like that is what i'm looking for, but at a fraction of the cost. $348.50 is way to much for a plastic airplane.:eek:... heck, that's a car payment and I can barely afford that! I'm willing to spend about $40 or so. Several years ago I bought small plastic models of an ATR and an Avro at a hobby store that only cost about $20 each. I'm not looking for a collectors piece; just something to display on the fireplace mantel.

I do appreciate your advice though, thanks!
Hey Andy check the hobby stores for plastic models or even the balsa models and then you can make your own!! I am really into building and flying RC airplanes. For enough money I could even make one for you that flyes.
I build plastic and have been in the retail side of it for a while and as far as I know there are no scale Caravan kits out there, well I'll say I have never seen one.

hey andy how can you put a model up if you dont even have a fireplace?????????????? give me a cal lsometime, i got back on full time with flyers. ill tell you about it. but about the model, you need somewhere to put it right?
Hey what's up Pat and Anthony!

Ok, so I don't have a mantel above a "real" fireplace. It's really just a shelf above my electric powered heater, but it makes me feel better when I call it the fireplace. When you're living in a small apartment you'll do anything to feel more "at home"!

As far as checking out hobby stores, that'll have to wait till I get back to Chicago. I know of a few pretty large ones up there. Great Bend doesn't have too many stores, let alone one devoted entirely to hobbies. That would be cool to have an RC airplane though.... always wanted one of those! Maybe i'll look into it so i'll have something to do with all the spare time that I have.

Thanks again guys!

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