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Jul 8, 2005
I thought I'd introduce myself to the forum. At the moment I'm flying a Mooney M20J for a local architecture firm out of Ohio to some surrounding areas such as Indy, Detroit, Louisville and Pittsburgh. It's a pretty neat job and the pay sure beats being an instructor buzzing around in 172's!

One of the mentors helping me stay on the right path to ultimately flying for a good corporate outfit (ideally...the one at which he is the DO) has explained what he looks for in an ideal candidate. He wants to hire captains, with a few thousand hours of PIC turbine time in 121 and/or 135 operations which makes very good sense because by then you've seen and done quite a bit.

The market in my area is pretty slim with some very poor reputation charter operators and some high end operators with nothing in between. I thought I'd just try to branch out a bit and see about leads in the industry that would be interested in a low-timer with the very modest qualifications of 1100 total time and 250 multiengine, most of which is in Piper Aztec/Apache models and 100hrs of actual (wet) instrument.

Any tips on how to keep moving up the ladder or what you might have found helpful would be greatly appreciated! I posted this under charter as well since it applies and hopefully I'll get to community here. Looking forward to it and thanks a million.

Welcome! Just keep networking and you'll eventually fall into something. Generally you won't find *good* jobs with quals that low just hanging out for someone to find - they tend to fill pretty much as they become available. So you need to put yourself in a situation such that when one does come up, the company in need immediately thinks of you first.

Just hang around here for awhile and you'll pick up a wealth of information, and down the line, who knows, maybe someone will have a lead for you. Good luck!
Thanks for the reply. I'm looking forward to learning and being a member of the community here. I don't expect that "dream" job of mine to come fast or easy, but I am ready to move onward and upward to that next step...what and wherever that may be.
Welcome, and btw...you have a great attitude. The sky is the limit with your attitude (pun intended! :)).

welcome-sometimes i think i would trade my job for the kind of job you have--- enjoy it while it lasts
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Welcome. Enjoy the humor this forum sometime offers. Some clever folks surfing this board
I can tell already this has a lot of potential as a great resource! The airplanes that the 'dream' department flys are CL-604s and Hawker 800XPs...and these or very close variants are already listed in the type of aircraft category after just a few replies! Again, thank you for the welcome and any helpful hints, advice (prefer good advice) is much appreciated. PMs and public posts to help out others...I'm all ears, err eyes!
There are mulitple people on here that live/work out of the Indy/Louisville area (including myself). I presume you are willing to relocate...

There are a bunch of corp/charter operators out of the Ville, with some jobs being better than others (obviously) but opportunities are definatately available to people with your qualifications. Give a call to Aircraft Specialists at JVY...a bunch of their former pilots are at UPS or have moved on to good corporate jobs. They have Lear 35/60s and a King Air 300 for charter, and although its typical 135 pay (can't speak for QOL) you'll fly alot and I *think* the upgrades to from Lear SIC to King Air CA are about a year, plus they'll send you to Lear school for a type.

Humana at SDF has Hawkers, but they are a tough nut to crack (or so it would seem with the people I know). YUM has a G200 and I a CL-604 there too, but you can do a search on this board and find out alot of information on them.

Welcome to the board, and I hope you find the information you are looking for.

Hey boiler...I know JVY and Aircraft Specialists very very well. I have a friend there now and missed the boat this past winter being short on total time when they were looking for pilots. Any chance I can get your email???
Never I repeat Never! sell yourself short, we all started with the desire to fly an airplane. Be proud of your accomplishments or willing to learn new things...nuff said

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