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Saw this one coming....

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Smoove Ride

Love Man
Nov 27, 2001
just watching the tube and saw the two "weight-sensitive" folks suing southwest on CNN. i guess it was just a matter of time before this happened..... they did get the run-around a bit, they were told they wouldn't need to buy extra tickets when they bought them intially, and then on the return trip were told they had to. that sucks, but i hope they don't win and set a precendent for the industry.

flame away....
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) forced compainies to spend billions of dollars to equip their facilities to handle physically impaired people. Obese people have been getting a free extra seat and thus depriving airlines of revenue on full flights. I suspect the question before the courts shall be whether obesity falls under the ADA. We are all enlightened enough to know that in many obesity is hormonal and not just due to overeating. It should be interesting...

(Incidentally I'm an airline pilot due in no small part to the ADA since I don't have 20/20 uncorrected vision.)
...It must be hormonal. It surely can't be related to eating Big Macs like finger snacks or refusing to exercise.
Heh - like anything else the reality of obesity probably lies somewhere in the middle. Which makes it that much harder to figure out whether it's going to fall under the ADA.
Wisconsin is the "fattest" state in the union. There is a reason for that and it is not because we have the highest percentage of people with hormonal problems. It is due to lack of exercise and a high fat diet. People that are obese strictly due to hormonal problems are the MINORITY. A vast majority can maintain a normal body fat percentage by proper diet and exercise. I've lost 10lbs in the last month due to exercise (training for road bike racing). I am still 12lbs overweight. I can choose to have some pain and hence some gain or I can lead a life of comfort and gluttony. I choose pain...so can others. You have a choice, just ask the thousands that have lost weight on the "Subway" low fat diet/exercise routine. Be like Jared!
I know of no one who eats right and exercises even just a little bit who needs to purchase two seats on Southwest. Hormones may make a person predisposed to gain weight rapidly, but ultimately the choice to stay reasonably fit lies within the individual. To claim protection from the ADA for this condition is another link in the chain of personal UNaccountability.

I personally have a little bit of extra weight to take off, and I gain weight very quickly if I don't watch it. So, guess what I do. I watch it. Moderate exercise and keeping your butt out of McD's does wonders for one's waistline.

Also, I know a few people who can put anything they want to in their faces and never gain an ounce. Life ain't fair. Never will be. Some of us have to work harder at things than others, and that doesn't stop at keeping our buns of steel. It applies to almost every aspect of life.

Has anyone else noticed that on full flights, non-revs are often seated next to the "hormonally challenged"?
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Wont fit into the box!

You know, this really seems more like a case of simple math. If an object is to big to fit ito a container, you just cant sue to make it fit. The only thing that can really be done at this point is to force the airlines to have a few large seats. I personnaly think it is a safety hazard when you have a person like that blocking an emergency exit or even worse, stuck in it. Yes, I have seen it happen! Humorous now, but very dramatic then. I have had people on my aircraft actually require two extensions. Maybe the Gov could subsidise the extra seat? I really don't think this will get very far. What happens when someone sues because the very large person next to them has taken over half of his seat? What rights does he have? :rolleyes:
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AWACoff said:
People that are obese strictly due to hormonal problems are the MINORITY.

Yes, they are the minority. If people want a handicapped license plate they need a note from a doctor. Perhaps such a thing might work here too. My old college roommate is a doctor and he owes me a favor...

BTW I instructed and flew charter in Wisconsin for two years up in Door County, der. I miss the summers.

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