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Saab 340B drivers-help!

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Dec 1, 2001
Hello all!

I'm getting ready for my oral and sim in the 340b and was just wondering if anyone had any good oral questions and answers. Also any advice for the sim would be appreciated!

many thanks,

1. What parameters arm the autocoarsen system in the high mode?

>both PL's above 64 degree switch
> both trq's above 50%
> both P3's avove 120
> switch armed

2. what parameters "cause" an autocoarsen event in the high mode?

> PL's above 64 degree switch
> trq above 50% on good engine
> trq below 50% and P3 below 120 on bad side
> trq diff more than 25% between the two

Also know the same scenario for the low mode and how the system interacts with the CTOT/APR and the PGB oil system for coarsening the prop. This is one area that I get asked about every PC I've ever had on this airplane.

As far as the sim goes, each one has its little quirks. One thing they all seem to have in common though is slightly more pitch sensitivity than the real airplane but I think thats true of all sims. Cant think of anything real specific to help you out there. If you have any more questions, drop me a line and I'll be glad to answer anything I can for you. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
At the airline where I took my oral, we started with memory items and limitations. (which I'm sure are different from yours.) We had to know pretty much all limiting airspeeds and engine limitations. Then we spent the majority of the time talking about systems. The check airman basically would point to a panel, and ask some general questions about the associated system. Then he would give a scenario and ask what you should see on the panel as fare as lights and switches go. He spent a lot of time on the ice protection system and the electrical system. Some specific questions I remember:

You're on the ground, engines shut down, what lights are illuminated on the ice protection panel? (OAT is biased out on ground.)

You start the right engine, now what lights? (remember the load transfer)

He asked me something that required me to demonstrate I could identify an AC phase failure.

how long does it take the boots to complete 1 cycle?

When does a STBY PRESS light illuminate?

What things happen when you pull a fire handle? Can the firehandle be reset after it's pulled?

When should you see the Bus Tie Conn light?

A lot of questions about what all the lights on the electrical panel mean.

Those are about all the specific questions I can remember.

Only advice I can offer on the sim is: It's an airplane; just fly it. It's got all the fancy toys to make your life easy. Use the sector mode on your EHSI to fly NDB's, and find a partner and chair fly approaches in front of a CPT if you have access to one. That visualization really helped me. The ride itself was a non-event. Good luck, and contact me if you have any specific questions.

I rembembered some other questions...

What are all the functions of the DECU?

What kind of engine/prop overspeed protection do you have?

What items are not inhibited by TO inhibit?
The left side ice protection lights are illuminated, what is the problem, what can you do about it.

Can you transfer the left engine intake - wild frequency.

What do you have with only the emergency bus and emergency avionics bus powered.

AHRS failure, DPU failure, Tube failure for EFIS.

What is powered from the emerg busses, main busses, hot batt busses.



Inverter failure

What does the DECU do, how is it powered.

Overspeed protections - all of them, when do they come into play, how do they work.


Autocoarsen events

Weight limitations

Battery temps

What lights do you expect to see when: pressure controller malfunctions, lose an engine, shut down engines, lose a generator.

What happens when you pull the emerg gear handle.


Engine limitations, temps

Gen, GPU, battery, emerg batt, alternator voltage, amps, etc.

Then, of course, your airline's operating specs.

Good luck!

Oh yes, I got a NDB approach, loc. appr, ils (of course), holds, stalls, steep turns, lots of engine losses at various stages of flying, prop overspeeds, gen failure w/o bus tie connect, go-around below 50 feet, single-engine go-arounds, all stuff I'm sure you've been practicing.
How many rivets are in each wing? Seriously, if you have to ask then I am one worried individual about the pilots out there. Don't try and build the **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** thing.
When I did my checkride for the A model, the check airman went up and down across the the four portions of the overhead panel. After that he hit the center console. He covered everything! And everything seemed to lead into the next thing on his list. As for a question that you might NOT get for your oral, here goes:

What is the voltage limitation on the crashaxe?

If anyone knows, post it. Saab drivers, take a look next time. You might be surprised at what you learn.

Terminated Saab FO :mad:
I guess Mesaba oral exams are more in depth than your airline's Snapperhead. And yes, I felt I could build it after I got through but I got asked questions on every one of those subjects plus our ops. specs.

ADD A vs B model differences if your airline flys both .
Here are some fun ones we got asked...

How many holes in the static ports?

How many feet are the main wheels behind the pilot's seat?

How many different ways can the prop autocoarsen?

What things are on the Hot Batt Bus? Emerg Bus? etc...
He was going through pre-flight slides and pionting to things asking rapid fire questions. He got to the tail, and without missing a beat, pointed to the American flag on the tail and asked.. How many stars?.. How many Stripes?... I got the questions right. He thought he was pretty funny.

I remember them saying something about how many holes were in the static port, but if I ever got busted for that item, I'd be pretty upset.

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