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Russian Antonov 225

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I think the airline is called Antonov Airlines based in Kiev. I just missed the thing at ONT back in October I think it was. You can track it on flightaware once in awhile, I never really see it above FL240.
I could be wrong, but I believe there were only two of them built.
Originally designed as a transport for the Soviet space shuttle.
I saw one back in '88 or '89 at CGN. Big flying machine!
Heavy Lift and Volga-Dnepr operate/operated AN-124s.
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Volga-Dnepr was at my hometown airport the other day loading a few civilian Hughes 500 helos through the swing up nose ramp. Wonder where they were taking them ?

How many seat covers could you carry in one of those?:p

If I can remember a Falcon can fit about 65 bags of seat covers in 500 cubic feet.

lol, oh man I would not want to bulk that thing out at 46,000 cubic feet that's like 6000 bags!

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