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Royal Air Freight

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May 19, 2002



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Spoke to a Royal C310 driver in the middle of the night at BDL last spring...said he loved the company. 56K a year, which includes a per mile differential, and he got home most nights.
He said MU2 drivers made 80K.
Although I don't have a number, they are based at PTK (Pontiac, MI), so information should have a phone number under the 248 area code. The airport is actually located in Waterford, MI. They are a typical freight operator with junk aircraft, bad maintenance, etc.. A good place to possibly get your feet wet and move on if you want to keep your record clean!
I flew across the field from Royal ScAir and I would have to disagree. I have had a couple friends fly there and they didnt have anything bad to say about the place. Yeah they had their gripes like anyone else, it's your typical 135 charter freight company so go figure. And show a lil class and don't talk Sh!t about a company you absolutely have no idea about. Just my .02
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56k for a 310 driver:eek:

Can someone confirm that?
I cant confirn nor deny that but i am sure it is possible on a good year.
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my CFI (from primary training) has been there 3 years. He makes 45-50K per year. Flying a 310 and a 402C night and day freight. He wont leave, so I'd say it is a good place to work.
I agree, for some it works and they want to make it a career. others maybe not. But I think it is a good idea to keep one's mouth shut and not flame a company that they know nothing about and are basing their opinions on broad generalizations.
My first 135 job years ago was with Ameristar - we dealt with "Royal Scair" , as you call it, on a regular basis. I wouldn't have gotten on any of those aircraft. If you want to stay at a place like that, knock yourself out if you like being tethered to a pager. i was simply pointing out that, although there may some good guys there, it is not a job that most would stay at long-term unless maybe you have no choice. Look into the history of the place, it's not stellar.
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