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RJDC, Scope, Jets, Etc, etc, etc.....

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Ted Striker

Piece of the Portfolio
Dec 7, 2001
So here I sit in line at DFW. We are like #12 to go and I look around and count 7 Delta Connection RJs. Don't get me wrong, I am in one of them-BUT.... I put myself in the shoes of a Delta pilot with his brothers/sisters still on furlough. IF the roles were reversed, I would be hot. If, for example, if ASA had people on the street and after we had furloughed, Comair or ACJet started expanding on the same type of route, etc.-I would freak out! After considering my relatively short regional career (2 years), my age (27) and overall career goals- I cannot support the RJDC. I don't think ALPA does a very good job at representing us either, but I can't support something that may limit my advancement over the course of my life. I don't want anyone to lose their job, but the sooner that the major guys on furlough get back to work, the sooner that I can move up and joing them. Maybe I would feel different if I was older, but I am not. Some of these regionals are good places to work and I am MORE than thankful for all of the opportunities that I have had so far and that I have ANY job-but when I compare Delta, American, SWA, Alaska, etc, etc. to where I work. There is no comparison, in more ways than $$$. I am getting ready to upgrade so I can grab as much PIC as I can handle, keeping my fingers crossed and getting ready to jump ship at the first chance. This has been the plan all along and I am sticking to it. In some ways I wish that the RJ hadn't been introduced and things were still clear cut, as far as career progression. Just my thoghts, fire away!!!
omg stop trolling the forums w/ this subject...

if you really feel compelled to say something, how about posting it in one of the existing rjdc threads as opposed to making a new one.

Who asked you?

Hey, if you didn't want to read it then don't. I was just giving my two cents. Thanks anyhow, as you were.
Lighten up Francis.

yeah, because there has only been one post on this subject....

Who made you the board nazi anyhow?
Mr. Striker

When the Delta pilots do to you, what the USAir pilots have just done to other regional pilots, we'll see how you think then.

Thats the most level headed thinking I have seen in a long time. And I am sure your not the only one. As for what the USAir guys pulled on the Wholly owneds, I think its wrong. Dead wrong. Having come from Allegheny a couple of years ago I still feel the pain and understand what they are going through. Your forward thinking is what the RJDC does not understand. If there were unlimited RJ's you can kiss those big paying mainline jobs goodbye and get use to being a regional pilot for your career. Its all about farming out to low cost pilots. Thats the purpose of scope. I did not like it when I was at ALG but in the long term I knew that scope kept a job open for me at Delta. I got off my but prepared and interviewed like thousands of other regional pilots did and like you will. Good luck in your future job hunt.

Joe (Original one of the 400 furloughees of Delta.)
Mr Striker,
You, like most ASA pilots, have no idea what the rjdc is all about. I also think it's funny when people talk about the rjdc like it's a person. They say the rjdc does this, or doesn't understand that, and they have no idea what the hundreds of pilots supporting the rjdc think. I too hope to someday go on to a larger and better carrier, and I'm hoping to protect my future job there. I also won't hurt my fellow union members at another airline, just because someone put an arbitrary limit on the size of their aircraft, and their careers. I think people who think like you guys are very selfish, and hope to continue ALPA's illegal actions.

Sometimes you have to do the right thing, even if it may hurt you. I don't think it will, in fact, I think it will help all pilots. But it doesn' t matter. You still should do the right thing, always.

What is right is a personal opinion. I don't recall anyone from the RJDC (and yes, I know that it is a thing and not a person -numbnuts) asking me if I thought that the lawsuit was the right thing. Do I think what USAir is doing to the regional guys is right. Absolutley not. Do I think the RJDC is helping rather than hurting? Absolutely not. I wish I knew what the answer is with these jets, I don't have it. Doesn't seem to me that anyone does. I am making a personal decision based on my gameplan from day one-I never stole a job from anyone, don't screw anyone over, etc. I think ALPA actually sucks for regional pilots and I think that regional pilots probably need their own union. I am not sure this would make anything better, but it might. Although ALPA is the biggest kid on the block, so it's not all bad. What I get tired of is the vocal minority screaming and yelling and making everyone think that they are the majority and they represent everyone. That goes for whatever "side" it might be, whether it is the RJDC or the fine Comair Capt. that kicked that Delta pilot off the jumpseat (and the entire plane for that matter). My money is better spent on supporting the ALPA PAC than the RJDC. But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.....
The rjdc is not a vocal minority, unless you consider regional pilots to be a minority. They ARE the ones who are fighting for your rights. Also, you aren't the one who keeps calling rjdc a person, so don't take everything personally!!

I agree that ALPA is the best deal right now, and if they simply followed their own rules, rules meant to protect ALL pilots, they would be much better than they are now.

I would suggest you wait until you are a bit older, and have more experience. I'm quite a bit older than you are, and have over ten years in at four 121 airlines. Don't worry, it will take time but you will get it someday. Good luck to you.

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