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right seat of T-prop to left seat RJ?

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Jul 14, 2002
I already posted this on the "General" board and got a good response, but thought I'd try it here also.Thanks.

New guy to the board here, just looking for advice. I've been an FO at a strong regional for over two years on the e120. We also have RJs, but I haven't bid it yet because I want to upgrade. and don't want to start commuting yet (don't have to commute for e120). However e120 upgrade classes have been halted for now, but the RJ classes are still going strong. In short, I will probably been able to hold RJ capt as soon--if not sooner--than e120 cpt.
Hence my question--what is your opinion on going from e120 FO to RJ Cpt? I will have @ 6000TT and +2000 Pt 121 SIC in the e120 when/if it happens. I know its hard to make a judgement on someone you don't know, but I'm interested to hear if anyone has experience doing something like this, or know someone who has done it. All info welcome--good, bad & ugly. Thanks.

P.S. I do remember the Mesa ERJ incident in ROA
Many people do it with no problem, but many have lots of issues. Its one thing to learn a new airplane, but another to do it while transitioning to Captain. Remember the Captain ride is a pass/fail. If you are that high on the list I cant imagine that you would be sitting reserve when you bid over, So by commuting, I'm assuming they don't have RJ's where you are based now? And once you bd Captain on the EMB, you will probably be seat locked there for awhile. My advise, bid to the RJ as a F.O., then upgrade after you get a couple hundred hours, it will be so much easier.
Thanks for the input. My company has a one-year seat lock in the right seat--if we could go for just a few months and then upgrade at our leisure, that's definitely the way I'd go. Oh well, I'll just keep thinking it over. Thanks again.
Won't you be seat locked on the EMB as a capt? You just have to decide which airplane you want to be locked into I guess!

Sorry, I guess I didn't explain myself well enough--I would actually prefer the E120 upgrade, as I know the plane, etc. But with the way my company's getting RJ's and retiring 120's, the RJ upgrade will probably come as soon or sooner. That was why I was wondering about going straight over to the RJ left seat. Thanks, though.
My 1 cent...

I would give you the full two cents, but the company just offered us a pay raise of 0%, so I have to start saving.

Back to your question, I moved from the left seat of a 1900 to the left seat of the 328 a little over a year ago. The transition was challenging, but not overwhelming. I would base my decision on your training department. We do not have much at Skyway, but our check airmen are simply the best, willing to work long long hours with you ensuring that you will be prepared. If you are confident in your own abilities and feel that you will get the support when you need from your training department I say make the move. Also, I think that as you progress in your career, upgrading into a piece of equipment that you have not flown before will be the norm, not the exception, so you might as well get one under your belt now. Good luck!
Forbidden Donut,

I just changed companies and was lucky enough to end up being a street captain. In effect I ended up upgrading and into a new aircraft type at the same time as well. My situation was from turboprop-to-turboprop, but an airplane is an airplane. When you first started in the airlines or in a twin, did you ask to fly right seat in a C182 because you had only been flying left seat in a C152 up to that point and you wanted to get the feel of it? I know this sounds a little rediculous, but it is just about the same question you are asking. I know a new aircraft can be daunting and then add upgrade to it can be overwelming, but you have the time and I'm sure the experience to be a good CA. Don't let the lack of noise produced by the things that push you forward hold you back. It is still just an engine and you learned the turboprop already. Now just take away the prop and add a fan. By the way, I have heard the systems on the E120 are quite difficult. If you could get those, how hard can an RJ be. Everything is computerized and at the push of a button.

In closing, GO FOR IT. As StaySeated suggested, upgrading into a new piece of equipment will probably become the norm if you want your carreer to progress quickly. Have fun and it will happen.

PS. Study, study, study...
I did Exactly what you are thinking about at TSA.
I was right seat on the ATR and moved to the left seat of the EMB-145
My reason for doing it was different than yours ( I had to have me an APU, and get out of the oven that is an ATR cockpit )
It went off without a hitch, the systems were easier, speed is harder to control but no biggie, and I initially would put in way to much pedal on engine failures. If you're initial qualification on the 120 went smoothly, I would have to think that going to the left seat of the Jet would be likewise.

Good luck.
I tried to help answer your question on the general board, but someone apparently erased my answer, and I don't know why. I wish I could help you.

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