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New member
Mar 1, 2002
I've applied to the Navy Retire/Retain program to stay put for a year to wait out the hiring/furlough downdraft. I am scheduled to retire in Aug 02, and can be out in June if the R/R package isn't approved.

Are any of the other services looking for C-12 pilots to come on active duty? Once you retire can you be picked up by another service?

What a difference a year makes, last year at this time, I thought I had the world by the balls.
How does the retire/retain system work if you just want to stay put for another year? Is it necessarily a 1-year thing, or could it be 6 months? What is the advantage of this versus a 6-month extension? Just coming up on retirement mystelf and was not aware of this program. Any link to the associated milpers reference would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Thanks for the replies, after four weeks I thought no-one would reply at all. I got my Retire/Retain package back from DC with a big thumbs down. Something about "manning being exceeded in the pilot area, only looking for Doctors/Nurses, Special forces etc. Have a nice life." So it's back to littering the streets with applications, updating the online ones and looking at other avenues of employment until the pilot glut is digested. Besides, the idea of working for half pay ie (Retire/Retain) wasn't setting too well with me anyway.
Retire and Retain

Folks, may have additional info here.

Know of a LCDR NFO/RIO in P'Cola who is retiring 1 Oct. Already has it worked out to be recalled to active duty for one yr.

Adds to his retirement, so after 21 yrs he'll have 52.5% of his base pay.

I am a 20 yr retiring USN Tailhook pilot who is also a LCDR. My detailer/monitor said I could have stayed past 20 if desired. He also said he had C12 jobs in Pakistan and Atsugi (info is 2 months old)

Glad to provide contact info in a reply to any PM (I'll reply after 11 Apr; out of town).


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