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Republic recalls?

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Oct 7, 2004
What's the latest with Republic (all companies) recalls? How many have gotten to come back? Any possible hiring soon?
According to the union site all recall letters have been sent out.
Low paying jobs at the expense of real higher paying jobs at real airlines..... sad state of affairs.

Popeye 0537: I would rank US airline jobs this way:
5+ Everyone else.
This statement coming from you is truly amazing to me.

Totally.... its amazing with these guys...

I will admit my statement was for flame and entertainment..... and it worked with Popeye. :)
All 400-some Midwest pilots still on the street. Down to maybe 20 at Frontier. Lynx furloughs have yet to begin. Half the fleet parked this week, the rest in September.

Seniority list integration arbitration in progress, more presentations scheduled for May (including the much anticipated SWAPA interloper) perhaps a seniority list by June.
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