Republic Flying for Mokulele in Hawaii


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Feb 25, 2006
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How senior will this flying be? Will there be a minimum time commitment or could you bid back to ORD if you wanted? Sounds like it would be a nice diversion for a year or two if that was optional...

Would Republic provide some additional cost-of-living allowance for expensive Hawaii (doubt it but it doesn't hurt to ask)? What about pilot bases - just HNL or other islands? Any other details provided thus far?

I like the E170 paint scheme:


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Dec 12, 2005
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So far, HNL will be the only base. You will be able to bid in and out of HNL in accordance with normal base bidding procedures... no specific time commitment to that base. Currently the company and the union are in negotiations regarding "contract changes" regarding the Hawaii flying, but what points exactly are being looked at have not yet been made public. Hopefully a pay override would be one. Conversely, it is likely that company is looking for some scheduling relief (such as the current maximum of three round trips between the same city pair per day), since scheduling options are limited when you fly to less than a half dozen airports, and 6 legs does not always add up to even 4 hours of flight time. If any changes occur to our contract for Hawaii ops, it will be give and take, this for that. Our jobs and company's future are not hanging in the balance over this Mokulele flying, so negotiations should be fairly civil and the end result will either be no change or mutually beneficial changes.