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Replacement David Clark cables

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Well-known member
Dec 25, 2004
Thanks to a midair collision between an intercom box, a headset plug, and a flap handle, I've managed to break the mic plug on one of my instructor's headsets. It's bent at about a 20 degree angle, and the brass is broken all the way around the base. The mic only works if you hold the plug just right now. Thus, I'm looking for a replacement cable. DC quoted me $65 for the cord, or about $50 if I sent it in for service.

Any ideas where I can get a cord for less than that. Even a used cord if it's in good shape. I'm not opposed to spending the $50 (I've heard you can get new earseals if you ship it without them), but if I can find it cheaper...well...

Chief Aircraft or Aircraft Spruce and Specialty have the jacks only, the wires have timy screws on the inside, so you don't even have to know how to solder. From Spruce, the part number is 11-00702, and its should be about $6.00 or so
Wow, that's great, $5.70. So I just unscrew the old, screw in the new?
jknight8907 said:
Wow, that's great, $5.70. So I just unscrew the old, screw in the new?

There are three small brass screws, and the wires are different lengths, so its hard to get it wrong.
jknight8907 said:
Sweet...got it ordered.

Now that you have it ordered (sorry), I usually go to my local avionics shop...a lot of times they'll have one in the "hell box" that I can get for almost nothing...sometimes they'll even install it for me :)

Fly safe!
Ah well...I'd probably have to drive a couplea hours to get to an avionics shop.
Might try calling david clamp. I needed an M4 mike and called them and they sent me the H10-40 headset free.
I did the same thing to a 13S (broke a plug in when I inadvertantly pulled on the chord getting out of a plane). I called David Clark and they just told me to send it in with a note stating what was wrong with it. It was out of warranty, but they sent it back three weeks later with a new chord, new mic cover, and head pad, all free of charge. Some of the best customer service I've experienced in aviation.

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