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Regions Air S340

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Mesaba is returning aircraft 27xj in Oct. Enjoy it if you get it. On a hot day all loaded up, if you don't watch yourself it will do up to 400fpm on the climb out.
FlamingFUPA said:
Why do have to trivialize the Swedes. YOU RACIST!!

How do you connect 340 dynasty and colgan with racism?

what exactly is racist about that statement?
Regions (Corpex) isn't getting anything. See it to believe it, trust me!
suupah said:
who is regions air and why are they encrouching on colgans slaab 340 dynasty?

SAAB=Send Another Aircraft for Baggage
SAAB=Swedes Ain't Aircraft Builders

My experience is that since the projected routes
are into areas with mountians and newer SAABs
are more co$tly to lease than older ones there
is no way that reason will prevail and B+'s will
be leased...if anything is leased at all.

RegionsAir is the airline formerly known as Corporate
Airlines, formerly known as Corporate Express Airlines
(till Corporate Express office supplies was going to
sue them). Callsign Kotex...er, Regex...i mean
"Corpex"...an outfit dedicated to serving the "viable"
19 seat market (viable meaning that you can't afford
to give raises to your employees for the last four
years-or anytime from now till doomsday or the
forseeable future)in the midwest...as long as
they can keep underbidding the competition
(Air Midwest and Great Lakes-note the quality
carriers we are up against)...and as long as
someone else is footing the bill.

It might happen. It is my humble opinion that
they used all of thier "luck" getting the EAS
stuff they are duing now re-upped.

There has been no mention of "bidding" for the
new equipment, a codeshare (lack of a codeshare
resulted in abandoning one viable market prospect
already). There has been mention in the rumor
mill of getting "experienced" FO's to get around
consolidation requirements, but no discussion
of what "carrot" will be used to get a well paid
FO to come to our party...no mention of payscale
sked, QOL, training, maintenance, or any of the
other myriad support structures needed to launch
such a massive undertaking...for the sake of two
or three aircraft.

There are two probabilities in my mind at this

1) Routes will be flown in jetstreams. (sorry
for the inconvienience)

2) Routes will be subcontracted to Greyhound.
belchfire said:
2) Routes will be subcontracted to Greyhound.

That's not funny. That was THE plan at Great Lakes a year or two back. Short range, TSA screened, bus service to the hub on routes like LAR-DEN.
belchfire said:
2) Routes will be subcontracted to Greyhound.

Greyhound? Nahhhhhh.....More lilke short little yellow school busses. Can't have more than 19 seats, ya know.

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