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Regions Air going to the Caribbean!!

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May 23, 2002

Deal for RegionsAir would see it add routes in Caribbean

Staff Writer

A Michigan company that offers air service in the Caribbean has agreed to buy Smyrna-based RegionsAir, the companies announced yesterday.
Terms of the deal weren't disclosed, but the airline formerly known as Corporate Airlines would operate as a subsidiary of Viva International Inc., flying routes in the Caribbean in addition to service it provides in the Southeast and Midwest under the American Connection banner.
Officials with both companies could not be reached for comment yesterday.
RegionsAir plans to continue to participate in the Federal Aviation Administration's essential air service program, which subsidizes most routes the airline flies, RegionsAir President Doug Caldwell said in a statement.
"We have the infrastructure in place, including the air carrier certificate, operational experience and the staff necessary to operate all of Viva's routes in the Caribbean in addition to our existing routes," Caldwell said.
Viva has agreed to buy all of the airline's operations, including its planes, maintenance facilities and airport station agreements. The deal is expected to be completed by Nov. 15.
The sale comes during a time of turmoil for the company, which is owned by Lawrenceburg businessmen Antonio Santini and J. Richard Story III. Although the company's federally subsidized routes were renewed in June, the company eliminated daily flights between Nashville and Blountville, Tenn., as well as a flight between Nashville and Atlanta because of high fuel prices and low passenger loads.
A year ago, one of its planes crashed in Kirksville, Mo., killing the crew and 11 passengers. That wreck generated several lawsuits in federal court in Missouri. It remains under federal review. •
Never heard of them so did some research..

Viva Air Dominicana, S.A.
Viva Air Dominicana, S.A. ("Viva Air") is an air carrier (129 certification pending) headquartered in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
The airline operates 30 passenger SAAB 340a aircraft commuter flights daily in and out of several airports in the Dominican connection air service between Puerto Rico and other islands throughout the Caribbean. It provides more direct and alternative flight options throughout the islands without connecting through Puerto Rico (US hub) or other farther remote Caribbean, Central and South American countries.

Ahh so that is where Regions is pulling the Saab's from..
And who is going to fly the aircraft in the Caribbean for 17k a year when you can fly a c-402 down there for 40k a year, or fly for Seaborne for 50k a year? Maybe you can survive in the Caribbean on the 28k Regions Air pays their captains, did I mention that the pay is frozen. I know that Eagle has been looking for a way out of the Caribbean for a while, has it come to this? Hey Belch are you looking forward to this commute? It might be easier than the current one. I can picture you now, sitting on the beach in all your glory, with a good stiff drink in hand. Kindove like the kind they serve in Ft. Wood? Its official, Regions Air wins the race to the bottom! Prize...... SAABs...... is it worth it?
Way2Broke said:
I know that Eagle has been looking for a way out of the Caribbean for a while, has it come to this?
How do you know AA/eagle is looking to get out of the carib? I would think the ATR operation does pretty well. The only time the ATR operation was up on the block in the past was post 911 and that was because of scope issues not money issues in ref to the ATR operation.
Does anyone know anything about the characters buying Regions? Previous airline experience, successful, failed companies, etc.?
No ideas, no communication from HQ, all
we know is what someone is pulling off
the web pages and leaving in the crew
room...financial speak with the disclaimers
about "forward looking statements" that
are on all such things from financial

Anything right now is speculation. They
are interviewing for pilots and FA's.

I am hoping for something good to happen-
it is long overdue for an employee pool that
really deserves it!

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