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Regional Contracts

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New member
Jan 6, 2002
Hey everybody,
I am doing some research on the contracts at the regional airlines. As most of you that are familiar with this website are aware, PSA has recently reached a tentative agreement with the company. However, through discussions with various people in the union and company, it has been made clear that our new offer is not up to par on industry wages.
We have been in negotiations now for 2 whole years and are now faced with voting on a contract that will not even bring us up to industry standard. We have been working on a contract signed in 1995 for seven years now. The last payscale in that contract went into effect November of 1998. So, for the last three years we have not had a raise. Any information on current regional contracts would be very useful.
Please include hourly compensation, per diem, as well as specifics such as "block or better" or duty regs.
Thank you.
Fraternally yours.
The PSA_Cowboy
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Here is some info on the largest regional in the world with the absolute worst contract in the industry. THat is of course American Eagle. No trip or duty rigs. You get a monthly guarantee of 72 hrs for lineholders and 75 hrs for reserve. You also get a guarantee of 96% of whatever your line is. So if your line is blocked to 86 hrs, you are guaranteed to get 83.5 hrs. Our perdiem is $1.40 per hour. Reserve callout is two hours at all domiciles except DFW where it is 90 minutes. Our pay raises our tied to the industry. So we typically get a 1.9 to 3.5% pay increase per year. And this goes on for the next 11 years. Our pay rate are as follows:
First officer Turboprop Jet
year 1 20.26 20.26
year 5 29.38 33.58
year 8 31.58 35.15
Captain Saab ATR Emb145 CRJ700
Year 1 26.61 44.88 53.52 56.33
Year 5 44.93 52.27 60.22 63.38
Year 10 53.73 58.97 69.13 72.77
Year 15 60.89 65.39 79.14 83.28
Year 18 60.89 68.37 83.16 87.53

Any more info. Please ask
Who have you been talking too? I haven't got crap out of anyone. Maybe we should wait fror the roadshow till we jump to conclusions aout our new contract my fellow cowboy.

It's got to be an improvment over what we have now.
If all you want is an improvement, then that is likely all you will get. I think you guys should be trying for parity of scale and an industry standard contract, not a regional industry standard contract. That is what we tried to get at Comair, and we will try again. Good luck to you guys.
By who? There isn't a regional out there where you can make decent money before Year 12. Maybe Air Wisconsin, but not anyone else.
Fair question, but then the question of "fair pay" comes into the spot light. What is "fair pay" for a regional F/O or Captain? I'm sure everyone has a diffrent view on this. Is it based on another regional, (probebly the one that has the highest scale). Or is it based on a percentage of the mainline dads and moms.

Let's hear it...........


I do not know any details about the PSA TA, however, before you go to the road show I caution you about jumping to the compensation sections first. Hourly rates is all anyone cares about, and of course they make a big difference. But make some comparisons between the important language of your contract before you vote. Language makes the difference between a good contract and a great one, not pay scales. Hope your TA is great.
Air Willy Contract

Here goes,

-Duty/Trip Pay, 1 hour for every two duty hours, 1 hour for 3.5 trip hours, 3 hours for every calendar day, scheduled, actual flight time. Whichever is highest of these.
-100% pay for weather or maintenance cancellations
-100% deadhead pay
-10 min. or actual block taxi pay, in case we don't takeoff
-15 min. customs pay
-$1.50/hr per diem domestic $1.80 international
-Parking allowance for commuters, parking is already paid for at your domicile
-75 hours gurantee reserve or lineholder.
-minimum 12 days off reserve and lineholders
-at least two days off between pairings except beginning of the month
-at least one block of three days off in a row in each line
-pure stand-up lines only no mixed.
-3.5hours of sick time accrued each month up to 375 hours max
-for early or late checkins max of 12 hours duty.
-for late morning 14 hours duty
-afternoon 13 hours duty
-min of 9 hours at the hotel( that is actually in the hotel) fiding in the van does not constitute rest!
I will continue in another post the pay scales
Air Willy Pay Scales

Pay for first year of contract FO's

DO-328 CL-65 BAE-146
yr1- 21.00 23.50 23.50
yr2- 26.38 33.99 40.79
yr3- 27.17 35.03 42.04
yr4- 28.01 36.12 43.35
At end of contract Aug. 2005
yr1- 24.47 25.50 25.50
yr2- 30.56 39.39 47.26
max36.69 47.27 60.29

Pay for first year of contract Capt's
yr1- 42.62 54.94 -------
yr2- 43.97 56.65 67.98
yr3- 45.29 58.39 70.07
yr4- 46.69 60.21 72.25
max-61.39 86.69 117.08
At end of contract Aug. 2005
yr1- 49.38 63.66 -------
yr2- 50.94 65.65 78.76
yr3- 52.47 67.65 81.18
yr4- 54.09 69.75 83.70
yr10-64.97 83.74 100.48
max-75.26 106.60 135.65

There will be a 5% raise across the board at the termination of the current contract in Aug. 2005. This raise is not indicated in the above figures. Hope this helps out. If you have any further questions let me know.

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