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Regional airlines confuse, concern business travelers

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"Regional airlines can no longer be considered the minor leagues. They are major players in the airline industry and they are here to stay," NTSB chairman Deborah Hersman said.

There's the direction this is going in...

But Captain John Prater, head of the Air Line Pilots Association. said major carriers partner with regional carriers in part to cut costs, creating extraordinary pressure to keep staffing to a minimum and salaries low. Some carriers promote pilots to captain with only a few hours of leadership training before putting them in charge of a passenger airline, he said.

Way to throw us under the media bus, pr1ck!
Yeah, maybe!!!

But our Flight Attendants can beat up your Flight Attendants!!!!
I find myself totally confused when I fly. I can't keep up with the subcontractors to the subcontractor. Republic Holdings has six operating certificates, for example. I presume that their ground crews are cross utilized to handle bags and they also use their mainline partners ground staff some of the time. There is no way you can know who's in charge. No wonder the public perceives that safety is compromised in this environment. One operating certificate and one responsible party.
Most of the people that write articles for this paper are wannabee journalists, full-time bloggers that slept at a Holiday Inn last night . The blogger leaves a message with an industry insider and follows-up with a 10 minute phone call and then they publish it as journalism. And the people who read these articles , including FI.com cruisers, assume they are accurate. There is no credibility in any USAToday article and we post and discuss them on FI.com fueling the fire.
All contract carriers with paint of real airlines........ how are these boys going to pick up girls with the truth out there?

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