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Regional Airline Autobiography

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He must really know the industry if he has "more than 2500" hours and works as a software quality analyst...sign me up.
In my youthful enthusiasm I actually bought the first edition. It was a fun read, in a hapless sort of way. Kind of a what-not-to-do guide.
I just read the book on my Kindle....I couldn't put it down, had to read straight through. He hits the nail right on the head. Considering he wrote the book 10 years ago, it's amazing what "still applies" to the industry. I'm glad this book is out there and plan to recommend it to all my friends, both pilot and non-pilot. The new edition has quite a bit more material and ties in a lot of current events. Excellent book.

I just "liked" the Squawk 7700 Facebook Fan page:
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This book won't do anything. The pilots that are already in debt, won't change their mind. And the pilots that are starting out that have posters of CRJs on their wall willing to fly for free, you won't change their mind either. The ones that it will change minds were not going to be airline pilots anyways.
JetBlueDog/BizPilot (Buffington) still up to his tricks, I see. They suddenly read (Diddly)Squat 7700 and want to tell everyone about this wonderful book? Here's a thread from five years ago when we went thru this for what was, I believe, the third or fourth time ...


Really, your behavior is getting more and more bizarre. People here still remember your antics and the emails are flying already about your latest craziness. Everyone here knows it's you.
So what happend with the guy at VA and what is "VA"?
This guy has been slinging this crack rock for an awful long time. Somehow through a yahoo message board tried to sell it to an ex of mine over 9 yrs ago. It was a waste of dough then just like today. You wanna know this biz, nothing beats old realiable FI right!?!

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