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Regan to Dulles ?

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Old School 737

NG's now and it is A OK!!
Jun 13, 2005
Best way to get between them? Does the train go there? Also best way to get to the udvar hazy museum from Dulles?
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Dulles has a lack of good transportation. Cheapest would be to take the bus from Dulles to Roslyn, then hop the blue line metro to DCA. It takes a little while.
I hate to say it, but a rental might be cheaper than public transport ... Good luck.

What? Its pretty easy, and not expensive


takes you to the metro, west falls church (orange line). There is also a metro bus, not sure which route it is. You can connect to the yellow line to get to DCA.

Total travel time about an hour, cost about $15
Metro... Blue Line to Orange to West falls Church line $2.35
Washington Flyer Bus $4.00 bucks with employee discount
I second Av8tor's suggestion. Metro trains run every 5-15 minutes, and the Washington Flyer Bus runs every 30 minutes at 15 and 45 past the hour. With luck you can pull the whole thing off in under an hour, though 90 minutes is possible if you just miss the bus at West Falls Church.

As for the museum near Dulles, there is a local bus that runs the route from the Terminal for 50 cents from curbside location 2E - see http://www.visitingdc.com/airport/dulles-museum-bus.htm
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Thanks for all the info! Anybody with good hotel choices /prices near Dulles. I need a pool for the kids as well.
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I gotta ask where is Regan? Looked all over for it on the map.

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