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Recommendations for Suitcases?

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Well-known member
May 5, 2005
Recommendations for Suitcases / Totes?

Hey Guys,

I just got hired at a regional and looks like I will be flying the CRJ-200.
I am looking for a good reliable suitcase that I can use.
(assuming max 5 day trips). I was looking at the:
Andiamo, Valoroso 18" Wheeled Six Pocket Tote


Any suggestions?

Feel free to PM me.

Go to KOHLS and get the samsonite for $115. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and you can fit enough in it for a week.
Make sure your suitcase, whatever you buy, is less than 8" in depth. Otherwise you will not be able to fit it in the overhead bin, and trust me when I say you will want it to fit in the overhead bin.
Two Hefty 20 gal. x-tra tuff garbage bags work nicely. They will fit almost anywhere you might want to stuffem, and are easily replaceable at almost any 7-11 on the way to the airport. Plus if the F/A is a 2 bagger you are covered. These beauties are truly the answer to your soon to be coming financial woes, cheap and easily purchased. The nice black color will match the bags under your eyes due to lack of sleep from the short overnights.
BAAHAAA good luck your gonna need it!
PBR :eek:
Try Purdy Neat Stuff...they even have a smaller version for the 73, since you may want it to fit overhead...lasts forever and can cram a ton in them.
My only suggestion is don't get a TravelPro. I thought it would be a good middle ground between the Samsonite/American Tourister stuff and a Purdy Neat... And I lost two zippers in the first week. Basically, after six months it was a wreck.

After using the same AmTourister bag for 2-1/2 years of being handled by rampies on EVERY LEG (back of a Saab ya know, something like 2000 legs), to have the "better" bag by TravelPro start visibly deteriorating after a SINGLE WEEK permanently sours me to that brand.

I'd go back to the $90 American Tourister (courtesy of Staples) in a minute... Just have to wait for the TravelPro to fully fall apart first.
If you are coming to ASA, then buy whatever you feel is the nicest since our rampers treat them with the same gentle, caring nature they would their babies mommas bag.
This has of course been covered ad nauseum, but I've always had decent luck with Samsonite. Right now, I'm fortunate enough to live in base and do mostly day trips, so my suitcase gets dusty in the closet, but I've been using a 40 dollar bag I found at Marshalls. It's gets the job done, but I doubt it would handle the rigors of commutting or regular 4 day trips. I see lots of people with those PNT bags, and they look pretty decent, but I have a hard time justifying that much money. And I see lots of people with Travel Pro's, probably because they always seem to have some kind of arrangment with the uniform people at so many companies out there. Regarding Travel Pro's, I can't take credit for this statement, but I once read on here that "Travel Pro's are for schmucks and new hire Flight Attendants..."

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