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Recalls at Eagle?

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Just saw on the company website that there may be 20-30 people recalled at Eagle in the "near future." If they actually do recall, those lucky people will be headed to San Juan on the ATR. If you are one of those that gets recalled, you can plan on a nice life of reserve for nobody knows how long, not to mention the fact that you won't be able to leave. You will never be able to hold Miami or the jet for a loooooong time. Just something to think about when the great Eagle calls.

I hear Comair is hiring......

Wholy sheeet your negative!

Did you ever think that maybee some of those folks actually WANT to get recalled regardless of what may be in store for them?

If you hate Eagle that much, than if you get the call just hang up and move on. No big deal but don't piss on someone elses parade. Recall is a good thing if for no other reason than to build time for a better job.

I don't work for Eagle and I know things arent that good there but; just my observation.
eagleatr said:

I hear Comair is hiring......

Better send in your resume, then. I'm sure they'd love to hire a bitter pilot with such a negative attitude.......NOT!!
To both of the posters that replied to the first post.

Get over it.

It takes a long time, at least 2 to 3 weeks on the line to get bitter about Eagle. It happens to the best of us. Just because we have a less then rosy view of our employer doesn't mean we are hateful lechers that prey on the most optimistic of innocent new hires. It means there are probems at Eagle.

The people I have had the pleasure of working with at Eagle are all professionals that I respect and enjoy working with, that being said...

Pilots have the best "dark" senses of humor around. They also have an innane sense that tells them when they are getting the stick with a short supply of vaseline. The number of grievances and arbitrations at Eagle should clue you in.

If they are bitter and work at Eaglel, it means they are sentsient.

I know it sucks at Eagle. As much as it sucks: oh how I long to sit around and bitch about it. If you like, I'll trade you. I will go sit reserve in San Juan and you can come sit at this desk 8 hours a day. I guarantee you that while I'm sitting at this desk, nobody is gonna call and ask me if I want to go fly a plane around in the Carribean.

Not saying I blame you for talking about how bad it is, but for some of us, it's a lot worse.
While I understand your desire to fly, after all it's why I do it too, I also understand our managements willingness to exploit that very desire.

I've done desk jobs, I drained and refilled the lavs on the MGM Grand Air DC-8's in the rain, I taught, flew charters, did grand canyon tours. I have even worked in a nuclear fuel facility. Nothing compares to being a Captain for an Airline, even Eagle.

Keep in mind that the desire you are so willing to fulfill is why our pay scales are lower than Sky West, Comair, ASA... the list goes on. 5 years ago, we were paid more than our peers at those airlines. We caved in, we stared at the carrot while the rug was getting pulled out from under us.

Now look at us, at the mercy of AA, APA and our own (pseudo)management. I mean that as in Carty and AA tell Eagle what to do, our managers just implement those decisions. We are the masters of nothing but the Saabs, ATR's and RJ's we fly, while we have them signed out to us. A 2-year EMB-120 captain at Sky West makes 10% more than I do as a 5-year Captain in the Saab, and he just upgraded to the CRJ, I won't see that for another year. What other airline leases aircraft to their competition?

All I'm saying is, "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it..."
Just where on the company website does it say there may be recalls (I've heard the rumor, and it's on the ALPA boards, but the kool-aid page?)? I looked but didn't see it. Unless it was in Criner's latest spin-doctor production. I can't read his s$#t anymore. The mere act of reading his garbage causes my fist to involuntarily impact the computer screen.
Read for yourself. This was posted by Ed Criner on the company website. Bring ON THE RECALLS then maybe I can get off from sitting S1, S2 or S3!!

Criner's Corner
Message to Pilots
July 23, 2002


I'm sure everyone has heard by now that we are eliminating 14 EMB-145s from our fleet. Some of your messages to me have indicated that many of you are concerned by this action and have a lot of questions. I hope this letter will help clear up some of those issues.

First of all, I want to remind you that the elimination of these airplanes has been included in our fleet plans for some time. The reason has always been to help us comply with a provision of the APA scope clause that restricts the number of aircraft we are allowed to operate with a seating capacity of more than 45 seats. Please keep in mind that this portion of the scope clause is different from the one that sets our ASM cap limitations.

In terms of staffing, upgrade or transition opportunities, this return does not change the original pilot-staffing forecast. However, because the return process is somewhat earlier than originally planned, this could alter the timing of vacancies. Also, moving the date up should offer some relief in the ASM cap limits. And as Mr. Bowler indicated in early correspondence, pilot furloughs will not occur as a result of these 14 airplanes leaving our certificate.

Like you, I realize that it would be much better if we were able to operate this aircraft ourselves; however, given the current scope restrictions, that is not a possibility.

In the past, we have held numerous discussions and briefings with ALPA concerning our initial firm orders for 50 EMB-145 and 25 CRJ-700 aircraft. From the outset, ALPA has been aware of the aircraft cap specified in the AA/APA agreement.

We discussed the fact that our order of 75 aircraft exceeded the cap, and we advised ALPA of our plan to remove some of those aircraft from our fleet at some point in the future, in order to comply with the cap limitation.

Following our initial jet aircraft order, we have added numerous jet aircraft with seating capacity of LESS THAN 45 passengers. Because we have been able to purchase smaller seat aircraft, this has allowed us to operate considerably more jet aircraft than was ever envisioned in the past. In fact, today we have more than 130 jet aircraft, which is almost twice the number anticipated by the 67 aircraft limit we initially expected.

Please keep in mind that complying with the aircraft cap (not to be confused with the ASM cap) by returning EMB 145s is nothing new in our plans. In fact, Eagle has removed many aircraft from our fleet by retiring them to the manufacturer or selling them to other airlines through out the past few years. Currently there are former Eagle aircraft flying at several other carriers.

We do appreciate your concerns and I can assure you that the removal of aircraft from our fleet is not something we take lightly. All of us want to grow Eagle to the largest operator of regional jets; however, we are unable to do so under the existing circumstances of both the aircraft cap and the ASM cap (triggered by the AA furloughs).

In closing let me say that while we would all like to have Eagle flying these aircraft, under the current scope restrictions, that is not a possibility. In light of this, we feel that having them operated by a carrier that offers some potential revenue to AMR is much better than having them flown by a competitor such as Delta or Continental; which could have been the case if these aircraft had been returned to the manufacturer.

I hope this helps you see how we are trying to make the best of a difficult situation.

I'd like to end this letter with some good news for our furloughees. Based on our projected flight hours for the coming months, it looks as though we will be announcing a recall shortly of 20-30 pilots to fly the ATR in SJU. We'll have more details on that in a few days.

That's all for now. Thanks for your dedication and professionalism and remember to fly safe.

The "possible" recalls are just a feeble attempt by management to blunt the rage produced by the outsourcing of our flying and assets to alter-ego carriers. Pathetic.

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