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Reapply at EJA?

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Jan 21, 2002
Got the "Thanks but No Thanks" letter from EJA. Can anyone tell me the rules on reapplying? How long to wait? Do you just send them another Res? Is there any way to find out areas of improvement? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
If you have no black marks in your work history, FAA violations, outstanding Interpol warrants for war crimes etc… and your current hrs are 3600 as you have in your profile you might be in the “gray area”. When I applied to NetJets a little over two years ago I was told the mins were 2500 TT, buy the average newhire was coming in with 3500 plus and they were seeing a good number of military jet jockeys to boot.

Subsequently I was not hired. No body’s shortcoming but the logbook…

In the occupational aftermath of post 9/11, one could assume there are more high time pilots out there who probably booger up the grading curves for folks like you and me. And, since fractionals seem to be a/the safest place for a career at present due in part to the tremendous surge in business as of late, you may also be seeing a good number of high time corporate jocks with reams of Falcon 2000, G-IV, G-V et al. time in the log migrating towards EJA away from their current gigs because of rumblings or rumors around the water coolers in the lounge.

Also their bar for jet time may be higher than what you currently have for the very same reasons I just stated.

I know if I was feeling vibes at my present employer I would have a tent pitched in front of EJA’s HR department with a big sign proclaiming, “I ain’t leaving!”

Personally, if EJA is your dream job as it very well could be. I would not give this “bump” more than passing conjecture. I would write HR a nice letter thanking them for their time and for interviewing you and ask if they could give you an impression of why you were turned down.

Honey catches more flies than vinegar.

Then I would send them a coupon out of a Sunday sale paper for a file cabinet from Office Depot, with a pleasant letter explaining to them, to put your name on it because they’ll need it to house all the apps you will be sending them!

Determination will pay off!

And if all else fails come to sunny, shakey, California! First rounds on me!:)

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