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realistic mins at regionals?

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I am a 210 pilot flying part 135 now for 9 months
with Flight Express. I should be in a Baron by the
end of the year(hopefully) with well over 2000 hours.
My question is this, is part 135 as valuable as I think
it is or was that just pre-9-11? With around 3000/
500 multi piston, am I competitive for Comair? (first
choice) or ASA, ACA, Air Wis or whoever?

Thanks in advance, 210FR8DOG
I just interviewed with ASA and received an offer with 1900TT 700ME 450turbine. I wouldn't wait. Go for it now.
Go now

People are getting interviews with 1200 total, they had at least 300 multi though. Persistance plays a big part in getting an interview and a job.

May God grant a day when there is a pilot shortage and all pilots have a flying job.
I got hired with 1100, and 50 hours of multi flying a Saab 340 around. This was in April, just got done with class, so it can be done, just keep on applying. You never know.
Thanks Antney, How long was class? What was your total ME time? Are they still doing any hiring?

I'm doing 712 out of CPS St. Louis. Lovin it/hatin it wantin a Baron real bad. The learning curve has dropped off SEVERELY. Must smell Jet Fuel!!!! Started Dec. 10, '01. Is this Ted or Corey? (the Tampa Bay logo)

Later, Jeff Skinner
Competitive mins

Yes, the Part 135 is as valuable as you think it is. Get your ATP and start applying. With 3000 total, 500 multi and your ATP you should get Comair and a bunch of other interviews.

Good luck with your job search.

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