REAL Delta hiring


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Jan 13, 2004
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My memory is pretty good. There were 14 people hired at Mesaba the year I was hired.

As for looking ahead to Delta's hiring? I am very happy but I do not see any benefit in the near future for street pilots or Pinnacle/Endeavor pilots (unless they are the union guys who pushed this crappy fake bankruptcy contract on us). When Delta goes from hiring 50 a month to 20, all 20 will be coming from Compass Flows until compass flows 25% of their list. Then 9 of the 20 will be Mesaba flows, then 6-7 will be Endeavor hires (of which 2-3 will be nepotism hires). Given that Endeavor is already very short pilots (captains and FO's) and the contract is so bad, they will not be able to hire a dead body off the street to fill those CRJ900's. Delta will not want to hire too many Endeavor pilots to protect their regional domestic feed. To keep Endeavor properly staffed Delta will have to park the 200's at a faster rate which will make upgrade for FO's even further away forcing more to leave making the problem the same-all the while having to down grade Captains to staff FO seats.

Oh great, Delta is hiring. I feel awesome.