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Range + ETOPS of a Citation X

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Well-known member
Jan 30, 2002
Can anyone tell me what the range is for the Citation X. Can it fly NY - London non-stop?

Any other corporate jets (excluding the gulfstreams ) with similar ranges.

Also what is the ETOPS requirement for the corporate jets?
I am assuming your question is in reference to fuel requirements and alternates for single engine extended over water operations

For Part 91 you are limited to the 91.167 Fuel Requirements under IFR meaning you may be limited if your destination doesnt have a suitable alternate such as Bermuda. If we fly to bermuda we typically leave from ILM and use ILM as our alternate so we have to carry enough fuel to make Bermuda fly back to ILM and 45 minutes after that. This works out to roughly 4 hrs and within the capabilities of most corporate jets

135.223 is similar and our Op Specs dont have any special requirements

8400 has additional requirements for enroute operations but I dont recall anything specific to extended overwater ops

Anyone else?
Regarding the range of the Ten, I think Cessna is advertising 3200 but reality sets in and it ends up being about 2700-2800nm. Going from the east coast to europe its somewhat prudent to make a stop in gander or there abouts to give yourself the most options unless there are some outstanding winds. Do you know somebody who flies one or are you in the market yourself? HA HA.... To answer your question, yes the Ten can go from NYC to London.
Try a Falcon 50EX for NY-London... no ETOPS required because it has 3 engines... Similar price as the Citation X new... Domestically you can cruise at Mach 0.84 or 0.85 all day long and it can get in and out of a 4,000 ft runway, even if it is raining!

And if you do lose an engine the effect on range is negligible, which means you can still make your destination, it'll just take you longer... And if you fly in and out of airports requiring steep climb gradients the second segment climb numbers are great... How about out of ASE on an IFR day (requiring a steep second segment gradient) and having more than enough fuel to go to Philidelphia non-stop?

Falcon Capt.
Falcon Capt

What are the ETOPS requirements for twin engine jets. I wasnt aware of any for 91 or 135
I don't think there is any, but honestly not sure if there are, haven't looked into it since the only thing I currently fly is the Falcon 900EX and 50EX... both have 3 engines....
Just wondering about the extra DOC's involved in the Falcon three holers... Anyone with some insight would be appreciated. Just curious, I came real close to being a Falcon driver last Fall but the deal fell through.
ETOPS= Engines Turn or People Swim.........heard this joke from a UAL 777 Capt., clever.....lol
I have to agree. The Falcon jet is a fine machine without the worries of ETOPS. The only thing better than 3 is 4.

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