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Randy Babbitt to be FAA Administrator

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Was he not one one of the few Eastern pilots that somehow miraculously got a job with Delta after the doors closed on LeJeune Road?
Randy Babbit is a back stabbing turn coat who only looked after number one. In other words, perfect for running "the nations largest pilot union" They're all cut from the same cloth.
I wonder if he knows Raymond and Charlie Babbitt.

I hear he only flies Qantas and listens to 97X, bam! the future of Rock and Roll, oh he also buys his underwear at KMART!
Look on the bright side: at least it ain't Dwayne Woerth.

Or a John Prater??? I was thinking about wearing a lanyard that says WWDWD (What Would Duane Woerth Do?):p, but I just can't give up my "INTEGRITY MATTERS" lanyard.

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