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RAH revokes Midwest furloughees pass privledges?

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Well-known member
Nov 5, 2005
Did Bedford rescind the Midwest furloughees pass priveldges ahead of schedule?

True or not?

Yep. We were supposed to get 2 years after furlough. It wasn't in the contract but had always been honored by the company. Bedford's logic was that since the Midwest guys are now RAH, they get the same treatment (or punishment depending on which side you are on) as the RAH pilots, which is 90 days.

So instead of doing the right thing and giving the RAH guys 2 years from furlough, therefore making it the same for all groups, he put another shaft up our rear ends. The f'ed up thing about it is, all the RAH guys will be back by the end of Spring. And this benefit would cost the company practically NOTHING.

We can't wait to get recalled and work for the good reverend.
Oh and another thing, these very benefits could help a lot of Midwesties travel to interviews and such, thus possibly removing them from the RAH recall list because they found better employment.

Obviously Bedford wants as many MEH pilots gone as possible, since most of us will be on 10+ year payscale when we get recalled.

I don't get it. Seems like jumping over a dollar to save a nickel.
Also, when they started sending out the letters they initially gave less than 2 weeks notice for benefits termination.

I still haven't gotten a letter. Evidently they had a "computer glitch" and didn't notify everyone. Out of the kindness of their hearts they have (reportedly) graciously extended our benefits until 1/15/10. I still haven't gotten notice though, btw.
The payscale for airline maganers must be directly proportional to the severity and frequency of the butt-raping they visit on their employees.

-I am amazed daily at the steaming pile of crap this industry has become-and further amazed at the fact that what Lorenzo pulled off pretty much seems to have just been the warm-up round for all the guys who inherted the mantle of "airline upper management."

-Amazing-you Midwest guys have my sympathy...
Wow, RAH has got to be the worst regional out there. What scumbags.
We can't wait to get recalled and work for the good reverend.

I'm sorry to hear about your benies.

Your post made me chuckle. A very good friend of mine made a similar quote when he got furloughed. He said he couldn't wait to get recalled - because he had 30 years to get even! :eek:

Take care guys. I hope you get back/new jobs sooner rather than later.

WOW! nothing like getting kicked when you are down. I have a couple Delta buddy passes that I'd be willing to donate to a needy Midwest guy trying to make an interview. It should be able to get you just about anywhere in the world. PM me if you or someone you know is in need.
If you are a furloughed YX pilot and need to non-rev out of MKE you can PM me and I will give you my buddy passes. They are only good on F9 for the moment, but you can get any where out west and a few cities to the east from MKE.

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