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Radio Telephone Operators Permit???

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Well-known member
Feb 18, 2002
Hey Guys, who do I contact to obtain a RT@O Permit? Is it the FCC? Any idea how long it takes to recieve it? The cost? And are there any hoops to jump through to obtain it?

Thanks in Advance,

Easy, yes. Cheap, no. I think $50 bucks for a rubber stamped piece of paper that requires no background check, no test, nor any other kind of qualification other than a pulse is pretty steep. Just one more way for a bureaucrat to fund their own paychecks.

I paid $50 (Yankee dollars) for a piece of paper. I concur with flydog and Caveman. Fly safe.
Is a pulse required??

I bet I could get one for a name I found on a tombstone in the cemetary.
It gets worse. My original radio certificate was 'lost in the mail'. When I called to check on it they had no record of even issuing me one even though I had a cancelled check in my hand that they cashed for $50. I said fine, send me the one you owe me. Sorry, no can do. That'll be another $50 bucks please. Bottom line is that I'm out $100 just so that if I'm ever ramp checked in Montreal I can produce a BS piece of paper that means nothing and proves nothing. Don't get me started......

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