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Radiation Leak at 3 Mile Island

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Awesome...especially since I've been in and out of MDT about 10 times the past few weeks...and was on a long overnight there that day. I've always thought it was kinda funny how they light up the cooling towers and that bridge on the other side of the airport with flood lights...they must have some extra power they don't need.
Aks for hazard pay. U've probably gotten more radiation from being up at 37000 all this time than the few days you were near 3 mile island.
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there is a former allegheny guy (he may be on this board) who is now at US Air that knows a lot about that incident. I think his brother welded the shield around the reactor (#2) that had the melt down.

if he is on this board he can chime in and tell you all about it.
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....yeah, windmills and solar panels are destroying the natural landscape, but NUCLEAR is the way to go! So clean... So efficient... So "neon" green....

I'd rather have a windmill in my back yard, than a NUCLEAR reactor in the same state!

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