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Quiting smoking for pilots

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Active member
Jul 17, 2005
Anybody know about this thing called Bustar? I heard it works really well, but I am pretty sure pilots can't take it (I think it says "do not operate any machinery" on the bottle). Anyone have any info on this? Is there anything the doc can perscribe anything for us, or do we have to make it work with the patch, gum, cold turkey methods? I'm getting ready to quit and I only want to have to do it one time.
Cold turkey, dude.
Trust me, it's cheaper and you'll feel better because you made a tough accomplishment.
Good luck.
when I was not a pilot wellbutrin worked great. i'd also recommend smokeaway over the patch. hypnosis can work on some people, and cold turkey is probably the best.

i tried them all theonly one that has worked is smokeaway - and wellbutrin when i could take it
I quit "cold turkey" and I felt fine for the first couple of days, on the third day I felt terrible, so I went to the store and got the gum, I would have taken the day off and played video games or something instead, but I'm Air Force and it's not easy to get a day off for something like that. Anyhow, the mint gum helped me, you have to chew like 5 pieces before it chews like normal gum, after that it's just like regular gum and it's good for your teeth.

cold turkey ------------------- I still smoke on special occasions maybe once or twice a year .
The important thing is to quit no matter what it takes. Keep trying until you do. My dad quit cold turkey and lived another 50+ years. Now if I could just get Dream Date to do the same thing...
4th day SMOKE FREE!

How odd this poped up, I will tell you how I got here;

1) Event, it took me going to the hospital over chest pains last thursday morning, which turns out just to be a suspected gall bladder irritation, to get me started, STOPPED. I'm only 31 but im paranoid, a heart attack killed my father at age 59 and he did'nt even smoke. I have smoked on and off, mostly on for the last 13 years and as you know, it slowly robs you of your life energy. Blah blah blah, you who all about the negatives. Anyway, the point is use an event to help you get through the first few hours. Some non somking theme, mine was the hospital, yours could be a trans atlantic flight, whatever.

2) GO cold turkey, dont even mess around with the gum, patches whatever - just BEAT the nicotine! Your nicotine's little bitch, you know it, stop the abuse.

3)Think about the money saved, I was smoking a pack/ a pack and half a day, more if I drank. Thats an average of around 200 bucks a month. Thats insane. Stop the insanity.

4)Do it over a vacation/long weekend, I have been a little disorientated over the last few days and at times a slight bit dizy, this is due to the enormous amounts of O2 my brain is getting while my blood sugar levels are still the same. Working would not be fun!

5)Look at pics of cancerious lungs/emphizima during your first 72 hours of not smoking.

6)Eat anything you want, who cares if you gain a few pounds - you will be able to run them off VERY SOON.

7)When you get a nic fit, get up and go do something, walk the dog, wind sprints, ride your bike, whatever it takes. I have perfected the 1 mile loop around my neighborhood that burns off my nic fits. It takes around 3 minutes on my bike, about as long as my nicotine ASSAULTS.

more to come, think I better ride the loop!

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