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Quite possibly the ugliest

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Jun 25, 2002
Was in at Burbank earlier, a BD-700 (Global Espresso) for you flatfoots among us.

Any who, this contraption from a distance seem to be unfinished, grayish and with exposed panels, upon closer scrutiny you see it’s actually the paint scheme with huge exaggerated painted on rivet heads all over it (big ole button heads), a weird vent like orifice painted on the vertical, windows (elongated and exaggerated) outlined in a flat gray and enormous panel lines running all over the darn thing.

It’s retched looking!!!

Who owns this Frankenstein, hodgepodge of a jet? I think the reg. was N2T, wasn’t that close to it to be 100% positive but that reg. Is registered to Bombardier out of DFW.

Anyone seen this beast, believe me you can’t miss it.

I am probably wrong, but I think there is some kind of finishing center at BUR for the GEX... I saw a couple "green" ones there a few months back... Are you sure that wasn't some kind of primer they were using, or was this actually someones wild paint scheme?
I’m pretty sure along with the others who saw it with me it was indeed a paint scheme.

As far as a completion ctr. for the Espresso here at BUR they must have buried it behind the Conoco Station or something cuz I’m not aware of it, there is one over in Van Nuys at The Jet Center.

Ooppss.. My Bad... now that I think about it, I think it was VNY that I saw the completion center... it was a few months back...

Is VNY where the Elephant Bar Restaurant is at???
There’s an Elephant Bar in Burbank near the Media Center, its about 5 miles southeast of BUR on the other side of highway 5.

I’m not familiar with one near or in Van Nuys.

Now you’ve got me craving one of their portobello mushroom pizzas.

I went to an Elephant Bar Restaurant right on an airport out there but I can't remember which airport it was... the restaurant was basically in the FBO's parking lot....

SMO maybe??? Geez this getting old thing is tough!
Ahhhh Ha!!!

It’s Santa Barbara Muni you are thinking of.

I knew it would come to me sooner or later.

That's my F#%$() airplane you're talking about!!!

Just Joking. I've actually flown a pink Westwind, though for some odd reason I never could get my self to call it pink. When talking to FSS, it was always a "red" with white trim Westwind!

There's also an Elephan Bar in close to PSP.
"Pink Westwind"

Larry Flynt had a pink Westwind, I believe it was his first jet.


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