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Questions about PSA

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Hello everyone,

A buddy of mine thinks he may be able to get on with PSA. He called me to see what I knew, but I know nothing about the company. I need help. Thanx.

Tell me the good tha bad and everything in between.
Not a bad company. Nice airplanes and some pretty fun guys and gals to spend the month with. We are in the middle of contract negotiations. No end in sight yet with that. Inless your friend knows someone here, getting an interview might be tough.
We are very short people right now and I would certainly have your buddy fax one in. www.psaairlines.com

Hope this helps.
Unless he has other offers I would take it. Not to many companies are hiring right now anyway. I heard a lot of new hires were getting washed because we are still hiring low timers. Training here is pretty tough for someone who has never gone through airline training before. We voted down our last contract and are waiting to get the wheels rolling on negotiations again. The vote was very close, not too many people here willing to raise the bar for other carriers, it's quite pathetic. If you have the dreams of someday flying a regional jet don't come here it won't happen. Unless you are a contract carrier you will never see jets at the wholly owned carriers (PSA, ALG, PDT).
Working here on the other hand is not too bad. I seem to like it although we have way too many complainers. I'm sure every company has them. We are severely short staffed at the time being, because we are taking delivery of hand me downs from Air Whiskey. We should have our 7th new aircraft (used) on-line by May. There is talk of getting an additional 6 aircraft if things went well with the first 7. My opinion is things aren't going too well with the 7. First off all the new planes are complete maintenance hogs and we are canceling flights sometimes because of crew shortages. Company moral is pretty down right now because our negotiators keeps us in the dark about or contract until it's the last moment. Crew scheduling is junior manning pilots and flight attendants left and right, the most I've seen in years. I know it's not their fault most of the time because it's not their job to staff the company it's management's.
All in all a job is a job right now, take what you can. Hopefully the new CEO at US Airways will turn the company around and finally a shred of good news will come our way. Considering Mesa's CEO and Siegal (US Air) are good buddies I'm sure those kiss ass's over there will get all the business while more mainline jobs are lost.
Like Meanstreak has so politly demonstrated, we do have a few complainers around here.
Thanx guys, a few more questions,

Did I hear you guys correctly, you have no RJ's? What is new hire life like, pay, equip, days off, reserve time and bases.

Whats going on with Airways. Whats happening with MESA and the other non-wholly owned companies?

Thanx, the info so far has been usefull.
Let me see if I can help you on a couple of those:

- RJs: hehe good one! :) Seriously though, no RJs and I honestly can't see them anytime soon. The closest I will get to an RJ here is when center calls you as traffic to someone and refers to you as a Dornier Jet.

- Newhire life: Welcome to Dayton!! DAY is most likely where you will be based to start. During training you will work your butt off and get to spend each night in the lovely Dayton airport hotel! YAY! :) You are paid your monthly guarantee plus per diem so it ain't too bad. Sim training in Dallas takes roughly two weeks. Reserve periods are for 14 hours and they assign that 14 hour period the night before which stinks but you get used to it....sort of :) .

- Pay: 0-6 months: $17.87
6-12 months: $18.46
1-2 years: $22.34
Pre diem is $1.30 an hour

- Equip: Dornier 328 Prop only. Most with APUs and some without.

- Days off: minimum of 10 days off a month. Thats what you will get on reserve. With a line you can expect 10-14 days off depending on how senior the line.

- Reserve time: I just got off reserve after 2 months. I think some of the guys coming out of training now and going to Dayton may not be sitting reserve at all. We are in a period of growth so I can't say for sure what it will be.

- Bases: DAY, CVG, PIT, CAK and TYS. Dayton being the most junior and I think PIT is the most senior right now but I am not completely sure.

Hope that helped. Overall, just about all of the pilots and flight attendants kick a$$. You have a few bad seeds but no more than any other company I know of. Management has their heads up their butts right now but I enjoy working here.

Peace out!


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