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Questions about Fedex MD10s

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Well-known member
Feb 25, 2006
I got a good look at a Fedex MD10 today and I have some questions.

  • Since the cockpit is now digital and similar to the MD11, are pilots cross-qualified on both or do they have dedicated pilots to each type?
  • How many MD10s does Fedex operate?
  • Do the MD10s fly international flights (i.e., Europe and Asia from the US) or do they mainly fly domestic US?
  • Are they maintenance-intensive due to their age? How much longer will Fedex likely operate them?
  • I have heard the MD11 can be challenging to fly. Does the MD10 have better flight characteristics - is it easy/fun to fly?
Thanks for any replies. I have always been a fan of the original DC10s and I am sure that adding a nice digital cockpit to the airframe makes it even better to fly...
1. Its a common type, so yes you operate Both.
2. 15 MD-10 -30 58 MD-10-10
3. Occasionaly the -30 goes to ANC and it does SJU TLC and GDL.
4. A mech would have to answer this, but they were having some pneumatic sys issues. Other than that they seem about the same as the 11's
5. It handles better (IMHO the 11 seems mushier) than the 11 but the -10 is underpowered. The -30 is the perfect combination of the 2.

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