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Question for Colgan Saab pilots

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1. I think at most bases there are no reserve lines. You will probably get a few days per month reserve on most lines.

2. Generally 3-4 on and 3-4 off. Again depends on which base you are at. Some bases will have 4 lines at about 80-85 hours and 14 - 16 days off.
There is hardly any reserve. You may sit a few days per each month's schedule but very few reserve lines. That usually only happens when they have too many pilots for a position at a given base but it is very rare. Since starting I have averaged about 75 hours a month flying time and about 90 hours a month in pay credit. As a captain they work me like a dog.
Houston is pretty senior. They hired heavily to meet the committment so the FO's are pretty much settled there. Actually they have plenty of captains too. Like any other base it is a waiting game for captains to move on or fo's to upgrade.
What's the most common base for a new hire FO? I am about to apply after I get my ATP written and my passport out of the way. My concern is having to go out west, I would rather stay on the east coast. But beggars can't be choosers. Thanks in advance.
dont worry about passport and written. you have a year from hire date to complete ATP written. get in and get a seniority number. that is what matters. most of the hiring will be for northeast due to the contract with United. need to add a few planes in 2 more bases and need pilots. Houston is fat with pilots right now.
Thanks for the info. I am already scheduled to take the written this week to get it out of the way. Same with the passport. I think I will get it in another six weeks. I was checking out the route map and noticed ORF as a saab base. I would like to stay in southest VA or DC if possible. But I realize you do have to go where they need you.
ORF is really tough base but again FO's move so much either cause they go to fly jets someplace or upgrade so even if you dont get it right away really good chance you can get there eventually. ORF is one of the better bases. Dont quote me but I would say you will be in Northeast as opposed to Houston. Some bases to stay away from when you bid are ALB, JHW, JST, BUF, ROC. All the rest of pretty good flying lines and pretty good hours.

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