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Dec 13, 2001
Do they want people from other Airlines to resign seniority number with the former company? Also, would they tell you, that you have to resign seniority before they schedule the interview with you, or after the conditional offer of employment.
Friend told me that he had in his hire class 2 people from Comair and seniority number wasn't issue, but I guess after Comair experience things probably changed?

It's sad that after Comair experience most, if not all Regionals and Fractionals want you to resign your seniority and now I guess Comair itself wants that too before they hire you.

I know that Allegheny is now receptive to the idea of hiring ex-Allegheny pilots. Mainly, these pilots are being furloughed from USAirways and they do not have to resign their mainline sen. number. I believe that Piedmont is doing the same. Not sure about PSA. Naturally, you start at the bottm but at least it's a flying job. Good luck.


Is that deal just for UsAirways mainline furloughees or does it extend to other major airline furloughees? Thanks.

I don't know the answer to that question. I would hope that this applies to every furloughee but I'm not sure. I personally believe that the USAirways furloughed pilots are going to be out on the street a lot longer than the others. Maybe the wholly-owned carriers believe that they'll get their moneys worth.

The ex-Allegheny pilots are not being sent through the full initial ground school. Allegheny was able to get the O.K. from the FAA to send them to 4-5 days of ground school and 4-5 sim sessions. They'll save a little money. Don't know how Piedmont is going to train the returnees. There is a two year contract at Piedmont but not ALG. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the info. It's definately a good start for ALPA carriers helping each other out, which makes me happy even if it doesn't ultimately help me. A two year commitment is no problem for me, my airline still has plenty of furloughs to go so I expect to be on the street for 3-5 years. Enough time that someone might have to suffer flying with me in the left seat again! UAL's contract allows us to take a two-year LOA, do you think that would be good enough for Piedmont or do you think they'll still want a resignation? Thanks again for the info.

I have a Jan. 9th class date with Allegheny. Do you think I am in jeopardy now that they are hiring ex-allegheny pilots back ?
From what I understand, if you were required to sign a two year training contract, USAirways would honor that and you wouldn't lose your recall number if it came up. You would do your time and come back when the two years is up. If you are near the bottom of the USAirways sen. list, it's gonna be awhile before you get called back. (That's my opinion.) Everyone is going to have to make that decision to hang tough and avoid going somewhere that requires you to resign your sen. number or take that job offer and hope for the best.

After talking with the chief pilot at ALG, there won't be a large class of just ex-ALG pilots. If you left on good terms and want to come back, they'll start mixing you in with the new-hires. I believe that there were two ex-ALG pilots in class starting December 12th. The ex-ALG pilots shouldn't hurt those with class dates. Good luck.


If I go back, hard to believe that I'll be yanking gear for my old FO'S.

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