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question for ACA pilots

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Mar 25, 2002
On a personal note, now that I was offered the job, are there any ACA pilots out there who could comment on their family situation? Particularly Dojet pilots, I would like to know some things about commuting or not, where you all live how you handle the day to day of family life. I am married with a 1 year old son. My wife works in western CT, and we are planning on buying a house. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

First of all, congrats on being hired at ACA & welcome aboard!

DoJet bases are IAD, LGA, BOS & CVG (as of May 1st).

LGA is probably the most senior base for FRJ FOs. BOS would possibly be next, though IAD is split between some former relatively senior J41 FOs (like myself) who escaped to the 328, & some of the most jr. FRJ FOs in the company. I believe a lot of LGA & BOS ppl want to transfer down to IAD. CVG will be up and running as of May 1st, though I'm predicting a fair amount of operational difficulties for us, since Dan Spaghetti (you'll soon learn who he is) has completely botched the voluntary transfer bid in regards to moving time/days. In fact in the May bid packs there were approx 25 lines for FRJ CA/FOs in CVG - yet only 11 CAs listed in bid pack and NO FOs listed. It will be interesting...
I just hope Delta doesn't drop us as a partner, since we have had some staffing issues in regards to a lack of FRJ FOs recently and the word is "we are not meeting expectations."

I would suspect the co. will steer most of your class towards CVG, though I remind you I'm absolutely nobody within the company so don't take everything I say as bond. Traditionally they haven't given newhires a choice of domiciles, especially in the FRJ. Initially they stuck every FRJ FO in LGA, then they filled Boston, so the bid list isn't really indicative of true seniority. A fair amount of Boston people commute so it shouldn't be too hard to transfer there, if thats where you want to be. Boston also has the best lines for FRJ crews.

FRJ Training Dept is excellent; there are some real classy people in there, and they do a good job of getting people through. Plan on spending approx 3 months in training from indoc to checkride. Be warned - the company does not provide accomodations to newhires; only $200/wk, - taxes. It can be expensive. Best bets would be to get a hotel that gives an ACA discount for the first few nights, then find a crashpad with a bunch of your classmates.

Quality of life isn't that bad in the FRJ. Most lines should give you 12 days off, and if you don't commute you may get even more. However they frequently extend crews on trips to cover shortages.

Good luck in class & I should be able to answer any more questions.

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