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Question about commuting

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Well-known member
Sep 26, 2005
Question? Is it more difficult to commute on an airline other than the one you work for. Commuting out of MSP, how often would you likely not be the only commuter on a given flight in the morning or otherwise. maybe to DCA, ORF, PHL, ATL or SLC? Do most Airlines allow two jumpseaters or commuters, some unlimited?
I think all commuters (regional airlines) allow as many jumpseaters as open seats in the back. Commuting on your own airline is best because you have the ability to boot off anyone that is outside of your company for an available seat. However, some companies will charge you to ride on your own planes, while riding on another carrier is free. Odd isn't it?

Mainline used to be pretty much only as many jumpseaters allowed as there were jumpseats (MD80 has one jumpseat - so only one jumpseater allowed, regardless of how many empty seats in the back), but both United and American last month switched to unlimited jumpseaters, so it's less of a rule now.
I suspect that out of MSP you might rarely be the only commuter around - from your choice of bases I can tell you that we have a goodish number of MSP-ORF MSP-PHL and MSP-DCA commuters. Seems to be a popular location for a large number of people. Thats not to say it won't happen, just that I would not count on it being a regularity. But then again as long as there are seats open in the back everyone goes anyway so who cares how many people show up. Probably would be a lot easier if NWA would change their jumpseat policy like everyone else but I imagine they will get around to it eventually.
NWA mainline is terrible to commute with. As of August, (the last time I attempted), they only take two off-line people even if there are 80 open seats. I really hope they change their policy soon.
NWA was the one I was worried about since they are pretty much the only direct flight daily to the places I asked about. It sounds like they are definately a 1 seater for 1 jumpseat kind of company? That blows. Does the NW captain have any discretion to allow more jumpseaters than seats and if so how common is that? Us air looked like it had a couple of direct to a few Domiciles and Delta had ATL(duh) covered.
Ok, here's the skinny on JS on NWA. The gate agents, being the unhappy people they are, will try their damndest to keep you off of the airplane. The captain is on your side though. All you have to do is get to the a/c for the #$^% signature. Most mainliners will take the cockpit JS so you can get the seat in back if you aren't CASS approved. I fly for a red tail company and I was told by a gate agent that " We already have 2 JS'ers ( on an A319 ) so sorry " Luckily for me the captain happened to be walking by and told the gate agent that since there were about 46 open seats we might be able to make one of them a JS... long story short gate agents are not your friend.
I think gate agents should be required to take prozac. Wouldn't that make commuting much more enjoyable for everyone?

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