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Question about Citation type rating

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Dec 13, 2001
Last week I flew a trip in the King Air single pilot and had the pleasure of meeting a very nice young man who sat right seat. He has a little over 250 hours total time and his father has a Citation ISP that they often fly. He said he was going to get his type in the plane and as I recall when I got my type, although I had over 7000 hours at the time, there was some kind of waiver from the FAA one had to adhere to if your time was below 1500 hours. Now I didn't pay any attention to it for obvious reasons, so my question is does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Thanks in advance, RJ
You don't need 1,500 hours for a type rating. You can put a type rating on your private pilot certificate if you like. It might not be the best idea, but you can do it. I don't know about any waivers though.
Type Ratings

Grade of certificate has nothing to do with type ratings. John Travolta has a couple of type ratings on his Private certificate.

I had an Italian student at FSI ten years ago who wanted to get a Citation type. I sent him to Mike Pappas in Carlsbad. Mike told me later that this student, with maybe 275 hours and only fair English, did just fine.
Thanks, I know you can put a type rating on a private, however, I remember SimuFlite saying something about time limiting what you can do or who you can fly...I just can't for the life of me remember what it was.

I think what you are remembering from Simuflite is that you can't get your FIRST "Full" type in a sim. What that means is, if you are going for your FIRST type rating in a Level C or D sim it will be restricted to "25 Hours Supervised PIC" or "35 Hours Supervised PIC" depending on experience, unless you have significant amount of time in type.

So basically your young friend is not going to have any problem at all getting his C500 type, as long as he has his private and some money. If he has some time in type he can get an unrestricted type from the Sim schools, otherwise he can go to one of the examiners (Pappas, etc.) and just get an unrestricted type in an airplane.

Specifically 14 CFR 61.63e deals with certain limitation based on flight time and getting a Simulator based type rating

Thanks very much. That's it! I just couldn't remember what it was, franlky 'cause I couldn't care...didn't affect me, but you nailed it.

He did mention he was going to study on his own and use a designated examiner for the ride. So with that he shouldn't have a problem.

Again, thanks! RJ

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