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Question about Atlas schedules

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Mar 6, 2002
Sorry to start a new Atlas topic with the other one still in progress, but I had a question regarding just the schedules. I've read the Atlas thread on this forum and the other one over and over, but perhaps I missed the info I was looking for.

Here is what I know. Lines are built to 17 days on. Of the remaining days off the company can extend you for four, but it costs them. Also, although it rearely happens, one can get two 17 day trips back to back. I understand all this and accept that if I'm lucky enough to get an interview and the job.

What I am wondering is, does seniority mean anything as far as how much one works or how many days off one can get a month? In other words, is every single line built to 17 days on? Are the most senior CAs and FOs also working 17 days on or are some lines built to ie. 14 or 15 days on?

Also, are all lines built to 17 days in a row or is there a mixture of split lines in the month?

Thaks for the info.
My pilot group is pushing hard for business class travel and they seem to be pretty jealous of the Atlas pilots. I was curious if there any strings attached to this, like travelling on your days off or any pay/credit issues when commercialling.

Thanks in advance.
No strings, really. The business class travel is for overseas positioning; stateside is coach. The only thing to watch out for is that if you are positioning between your gateway airport and your base you'll get taxed on it. Still.....it's much more pleasant than the whole jump seating scene.

As to the schedules; Very rarely is the schedule you begin the one you end up with. It's just the nature of the ACMI business. Once out in the world if you go four days without a schedule alteration you are going for the record. That's not a bad thing, I enjoy the variety of this sort of flying a great deal. If you like structure though, you'll not be happy with it at all.
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Some schedules are 17 days. Some are 1 day (out and back). Some are 2 days. Sometimes you sit reserve at home. It is highly varied, and you bid via seniority. It is now PBS and I heard a rumour it is changing back to lines after the new contract is in place.

The main difference between Atlas and Major X, is that at Major X, if you are senior enough, you can work, say, 8 days a month. At Atlas, usually everyone works most of their 17 days (except on the PAX flights, the legs are so long, you can time out in very few days).

Really 34 days on ? Ha, that sounds like a real treat ! How do I sign up for that ! And I complain about my 4 on 3 off....
It isn't for everyone... If you want to fly widebodies internationally, you'll love it. if you want to be home everynight, you may have picked the wrong career.
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It is now PBS and I heard a rumour it is changing back to lines after the new contract is in place.

From what I've heard, Polar has better work rules and Atlas has the better pay rates. Any idea what would be different under the combined contract with regards to schedules and work rules.

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