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Purdy Neat, or Purdy Cheap

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Dec 27, 2005
I have searched this site over and didnt know if there was any recommendations on baggage. I see these Luggage Works bags around campus alot and some of them are beat all to heck!!! I am still lugging around ole faithful Travel Pro and it is getting long in the tooth but when I replace her is Purdy Neat the way to go or just a fad?? Also I have researched about the Executive bags with the plastic frames vs the metal frames. What is the scoop on these bags?

I have had the plastic purdy neat bag for 4 years and it has held up very good, many more years to go. The plastic is a good bit lighter than the metal frame.
TravelPro is for recreational use and new hire flight attendants.

I've had my LW for eight years. Be a real man and get real crew luggage.

The plastic doesn't look as solid but it seems others are happy.
Hey can you carry on the 26" metal one on the airlines? I've seen people with them but they say 22 is the max.
I just bought a 26" metal frame yesterday and have no regrets. I plan on carrying it on and will not check it unless forced to. From speaking with people at my company while the 26" is not a legal carry on as long as you have some crew tags on there you probably wont be hassled too much. It fits in the overhead quite a bit better than many other things I see people trying to bring on board...
Traveling to/from work, wear your uniform. No hassles about your bags then, and occasionally get other perks (upgrades, etc).
I've owned my Purdy Neat International size (26") for 6 years. It has the plastic frame. I had the recent unfortunate event of having a fairly large f/a sit on the top and break it. It snapped. She acted like she didn't hear the large "SNAP" ... I was peeved. In the flight deck, they're stored upright right inside the door so a perfect perch for the f/a's.

With the top plastic piece broken, the whole thing became a wee bit unstable in the yaw axis. This led to the plastic pipes that house the handle when it's stowed to crack at the top fitting. It became a house of cards after that...

I felt like Fonzie rubbing the juke box trying to persuade the handle to go down in the stowed position.

Mike from the Stop Over Store in MSP saved it. Since the zippers and nylon were in great shape all I needed was a plastic overhaul. He charged $42 for parts and $30 for labor, so $72 total.

Only place I was denied because it was too big was in Hong Kong, but after convincing them I would be stowing it on the flight deck as a jumpseater they let me carry it on. Otherwise, no problems with size.

His overhaul included all new plastic parts - bottom, sides and top plus a copper reinforcement for where the tubes for the handle connect in to the top plastic piece. I'd say that it's like a whole new bag...
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To be the contrarian and tight wad, I watch the sales, buy American Tourister or similar and throw them away when the wheels go bad - the rest is always in pretty good shape. Most last about four - five years and you save a bunch of dough. Usually less than $100 and nowhere near the $300 plus to look like an airline pilot. Plus I use Atlantic bucks to pay for them so actual cost to me is zero.

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