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PSA signs on for Jets for Jobs

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Looks like PSA will be the lone survivor, way to go. At least one WO finally got something from U! It still will suck to watch all of us at PDT lose our jobs while PSA moves ahead with MidAtlantic. I just hope all of your junior guys dont get sold out to make room for mainline guys.......
PSA the new MESA They will get theirs, sombody else even more spinless will come along and undercut them!! TO the PSA MEC thanks for honoring your pledge to speak as one with the other WO's its people like you that have this entire industry fighting with each other!! Your word is just as good as "Dave's" so I personally look foward to the day when what comes around gets back to you!!! The only part I deeply regret is all the honorable professionals at PSA that will be stigmatized by the PSA MEC's backstabbing actions. YOu (MEC) are a complete disgrace to ALPA. Yes I will soon be on the street, in no small part to you but I would rather work at Mcdonalds than have to be associated with the like of you. You did exactly what MGMT wanted, congratulations

Lets not jump the gun. The hotline is not heavy on specifics at all, and from listening to ALG hotline it sounds as if they are trying to get the same deal. PDT, ALG, and PSA were all in those meetings together.

Now on the other hand if we did stabb our other WO pilots in the back, please know that the pilot group in whole is a strong group with a great sence of pride that would never do that. Unfortunately as we have witnessed in the past our MEC does things without letting the pilots vote on it. The pilots here have been in the backseat of an out of control ride, gagged and bound, with no say at all.

I hope for the WOs that we get through this with everyone on the sen. list that belongs there.

And as all this isn't bad enough we can add THREE more contract carriers to the list. Check this crap out:


(Jun. 3) US Airways announced today the launch of "GoCaribbean," a new cooperation and marketing initiative with three regional Caribbean airlines. The press release named 3 carriers as US Airways' associate carriers:

Nevis Express, based in St. Kitts Nevis, intends to operate flights connecting with US Airways’ San Juan and St. Maarten gateways using 19-seat Beech 1900 aircraft.

Caribbean Star, based in Antigua, intends to operate flights connecting with US Airways Antigua, St. Maarten and Barbados gateways using 37-seat Dash-8-100s and 50-seat Dash-8-300s.

WINAIR, based in St. Maarten, intends to operate flights connecting with US Airways’ St. Maarten gateway using 19-seat DeHaviland Twin Otter aircraft.

I thought US Airways was getting out of the turbo-prop business!


Great to see the affiliation with 3 caribbean airlines. As to the turboprop business quote, most of the airports in the caribbean cannot support rj, dash 8's and twin otters are the only equipment you can use down there. They do a great job at it and caribbean folks care less if the airplane is a jet or prop.

My problem is that the WOs are getting the short end of the stick here with everything going on in this company. This is flying that can be done by the Three WOs, just the way AE flys for AA out of SJU.

I know that these Caribean airlines will not be flying as Express carriers under our colors, but they might as well be.
Don't get to excited yet

First, its a TA. That doesn't mean anything at this point especially since no details have been released. Remember U has not been putting out a lot on the table lately and this might be one of those take it or leave it deals like MESA gave to CC Air. It may not be anything and self respecting person would vote for. Not that pilots are known for standing up for themselves. I sure hope its not one of those you can have a job, or not type deals. Second, an agreement doesn't mean that a single aircraft will show up. I wouldn't hold my breath till I see one sitting on property. Hang in there I would guess this deal will be put in front of all three of us.

P.S. Thank you again Comair for supporting the WO's in our fight for fair treatment. The prefered hiring prgram is one of the best showings of true regional brotherhood and professionalism I have seen since I have been in the airline world. If I get axed I would be proud to be part of a group as respectable as yours.

Thank you, DDRIVER
Yes, I probably should wait for more info but, If this was a unified thing I would think it would be all over the ALG and PDT code a phones. Therfore it is most likely a PSA only thing. 2nd, If this deal had any honor the MEC would have released more info to the PSA pilots. In my opinion, they don't want to do that for the same reasons as their new contract. If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat..... I sincerely hope I can come on here later and post an apology to the PSA MEC, in the meanwhile I'm not holding my breath.
Well, they are meeting today on Thursday for the vote on this TA for RJ's. I'm sure we will find out something by tonight. Don't blame the pilots if this thing passes, our MEC doesn't even let us vote for stuff anymore. Also Duane Worth hasn't even signed the LOA 81 letter, so J4J's might never happen anyway. We certainly don't want to fire half our guys just so mainline guys can have jobs they never wanted before.

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