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PSA interview

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New member
May 14, 2002
I have an upcoming interview at PSA. Has anyone interviewed there recently??? Can someone please help?? I really need this job.

Thanks Max
Hi, congrats on the interview. It has been over a year since I did the interview there but here is how it went. First met with an HR person and the chief pilot. company background and went out to see the flight attendants trainer for the DO-328. Second came back in and got a little packet on the systems for the DO. After about a 20 minutes study period, we had to take a test on the systems. If you passed, you stayed. They gave us a schedule for the interviews and sim profile. Interview was "not to spook you" one of the hardest that I have ever done. Alot of scenarios, and technical questions about required descents rates for crossing restrictions etc. It was a two on one interview. Sim was pretty simple tracking/intercepting. holding instructions, if you tell him right, you dont have to do it, and an approach.. That was about it from what I remember. I got a job offer from them but didnt accept because they were honest enough to say that new hire job safety was anything but secure. I guess that kinda honesty says something about the company.

Anyway, you will probably be able to find something much more current on www.aviationinterviews.com. You have to register but its free. Good luck

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